CLEARANCE Bargains in Boots!!!!!!!

CLEARANCE Bargains in Boots!!!!!!!

Found 4th Jan 2011
thanks to Ilovemykids on MSE

Hi All.

I was in Boots yesterday at approx 5pm,and spotted a clearance section!

They had a few toys.

But had LOADS of other goodies!

Some no7 small make up bags with a compact mirror and retractable brush in .............£1

******* I bought three of the above bags and they went through as 342 so £2 for all 3! so maybe a poss glitch to be had on others too! ************************** ***

other make-up bags with trial size make-up in No7 and 17........£1,£1.50 and £2.50

silver (empty) make-up bags............£1

some small pretty boxes with bits in..........£2 ish

single large posh nail polish in a box (diff.cols.available) ............£1 ish

Set of three nail polish in a set (diff.cols.available)...............£1,50 ish

party tights (diff. colours).................£!.50

nail files
false eyelashes
large bags (make-up/travel)

swim suits
swim shoes
baby bibs

These were all reduced to clear,sorry the 'ish' prices are because so many things am a bit hazzy on those ones!

and still loads of other odd bits

The staff were filling it as I was there,and still putting more out as I 'had' to leave lol

I asked a member of staff if some of it was old/left over 'free with purchase' items,she said yes some was and some was stuff they need to clear out (and get rid of!) and that it should be in all stores.

So DEFFO worth a look!

Oh this was Readings Oracle store. the stand was upstairs at the top of the stairs near to the half price xmas stuff.and opposite the toys
(Hope this helps others find a stand in their stores too)


Can only think people are waiting for the 75% off sale and that's why the cold votes but I'll give you some heat and try and get to a large boots tomorrow to have a look thanks.

thanks, I'll have a look in mine too. Have some heat, people are too harsh!

Is it usually around Feb Boots take 75% off?

The cold votes will be because clearance sections have existed in Boots for years and they are all store specific. Some have them, some don't and the stock on them always varies.

any ideas when the 75% sale is?

Voted hot!

Sounds brill, defo worth a look although yea im waiting for the 75% off sale too x

75% off sale?when is it?

Thw 75% started yesterday instore for the toys, sadly missed most of the bargains as last year it was on a wed around 13th Jan!!! Dont know when they go down online was night before last year.


any ideas when the 75% sale is?

Normally middle of the month - starting on a Wednesday, can any Boots members of staff confirm?

Went in to store yesterday 9th and 75% hadnt kicked off. But loveabargain said in another boots post that they believe its
Wednesday 12th trying to get some confirmation.
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