Clearance Blu-Ray Movies and Console Games BOGOF INSTORE @ Currys
Clearance Blu-Ray Movies and Console Games BOGOF INSTORE @ Currys

Clearance Blu-Ray Movies and Console Games BOGOF INSTORE @ Currys

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Currys have 'Clearance' console games (Wii / PS3 / Xbox 360) and Blu-Ray movies on BOGOF (lowest price free).

I picked up both Casino and Changeling for £6.47.

They had the following that I saw (and can remember!):

World at War (PS3) £19.97
Mirrors Edge (PS3) £4.97
Midnight Club (PS3) £9.97
Dead Space (PS3) £9.97
Lego Batman (PS3) £19.97
Far Cry 2 (PS3) £9.97

Lego Batman (Wii) £9.97

Flags of our Fathers (BR) £9.97
Full Metal Jacket (BR) £9.97
Blade Runner (BR) £9.97
Changeling (BR) £6.47
Casino (BR) £6.47
Superman (BR) £9.97
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (BR) £9.97
Oceans 11 (BR) £9.97
Corpse Bride (BR) £9.97
American Gangster (BR) £9.97
Polar Express (BR) £9.97

Didn't look at the Xbox games as I don't own one. There were also a few other Blu-Ray titles but I can't remember everything!

Hopefully someone will benefit from this deal - I think the offer finishes either next week or the week after. I'm off back tomorrow for a better mooch.


The deal you did on Casino and Changeling or maybe Dead Space and Far Cry 2 are the best bets by the look of it!

Something to ask my currys in doncaster have the same deals however they was doing everything at half price
so i got dead space for £5 and I am legend for a £5 ask them about it when i asked they said the reason for this was something to do with shops needing to get rid of clearance items for a annual review

I've yet to see any of these Currys' deals in either of the Currys near me


or me (manchester)

Just got back from my local (Staples Corner) and unfortunately American Gangster and The Assassination bla bla whatever was not included in the BOGOF deal.

I did not check whether or not the other titles on the list were included for I had no interest in any other titles.

other titles that were on the shelf which were under £10 were:
Role Models;
Bourne Ultimatum;
The Brave One;
Step Up 2;
The Mummy (The one with Jet Li);
Tears of the Sun;
Mumma Mia;
Ocean's Eleven;

Anyway I imagine those which are £6.47 only are applicable which, at staples corner were a small few.


Fixed and updated my initial post.


is the bog of deal nation wide?

BOGOF offer not applicable in Northampton

No this is not nationwide, I have tried threee curries in Bristol, all the stated prices are correct however none or bogof in any stores here.

Must be store specific.
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