Clearance deals @ WhSmith
Clearance deals @ WhSmith

Clearance deals @ WhSmith

General clearance at WhSmith at Exeter, not sure if its nationwide.
£0.25 - 4 pack wine gift bags
£0.50 - various stationary cases (pencil case) - good variety
£1.00 - IPOD RCA cable - retractable (local brand)
£1.00 - £2.00 - Staedtler cd/dvd markers, permanent markers, flip-chart markers
£2.00 - IPOD silicon case, including armband and screen cover (for nano and older IPOD's)
£2.00 - Stationary desk set (includes memo card, stapler, scissors, staples, etc...) (white and pink colour, was £9.99)
£2.00 - 1GB and 2GB memory sticks (depends on the brand, Sony was 1GB and Verbatim was 2GB)
£3.00 - Parker gift sets (some dropping down from £13.99)
£0.50 - £3.00 - Various TV series box sets and audio Cd's

There was some other stuff I cannot remember, some funky photo frames, various stationary items and also some decent stuff toys for under £3.

Thought will share, I picked up the wine gift bags, pencil cases, memory sticks and a Parker set.

Check your local store I am sure this is a spring clean up as I saw an employee adding new items while I was there today.

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have we just transported back to the 90's?
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