Clearance Disposable Cameras from £3.49 (still BOGOF) @ Boots

Clearance Disposable Cameras from £3.49 (still BOGOF) @ Boots

Found 15th Aug 2008
Was in Boots in Nottingham (Victoria Centre) earlier and noticed a load of disposable cameras on clearance due to short shelf life (the 'Develop By' dates are approaching).

As far as I know, these dates are quite generous (and the worst that happens is the colour starts to deteriorate, but VERY slowly), so if you need any disposable cameras for a night out/whatever in the next couple of months, these should suit...not for long time hoarding though

Some that are develop by September '08 are down to £3.49, and others that are dated October '08 are down to £5.99 if i remember correctly (I imagine the October ones will drop in price once we get to September). These are the purple/silver cameras that usually retail at £8.99, not the 'Essentials' ones.

Here's the best bit though, they're still on BOGOF, and if you take them back into Boots to be processed, you still get the extra 100 ad card points for each one.

HTH someone

EDIT: oh ye, they're on the end of an aisle near the digital camera display upstairs (unless they've moved them)

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The 'use by dates' on camera's mean nothing, everything has to have a sell by date on it, i'm a photographer and we've used out of date film on many occasions
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