Clearance of DVD @ Sainsburys

Clearance of DVD @ Sainsburys

Found 7th Jan 2010Made hot 7th Jan 2010
Various DVD £3.00

Monsters vs Aliens
Seventeen Again
High School Musical

Good to entertain the kids in specilly now with the snow and no school.


My sainsburys last week had monsters vs Aliens @ £5. Thier sale was worse than before xmas when things were cheaper :?

Might pop along and see if prices have dropped any

good find the boy wanta monster v aliens and i want to watch 17 again myself lol shame my bloody car still stuck in snow

Monsters vs Aliens £5 in my local store.

Picked up Touch of Frost entire series 6 for £3.

They had Superman 1 and 2 boxset for £4.

Better still, Motostorm PR for £8 and Riddick for £10 (both PS3)

Quite a lot of good dvd and game deals in sainsburys at the moment. Seems to vary from store to store but certainly worth a look.

Only 1 of these DVD are £3 in Sainsburys. 17 Again is £4 and Monsters vs Aliens is £5 as per the sainsburys website…htm

depends on the stickers and weather they put things in the right place. i managed to get state of play for 3.99 but it came up 6.99.

£5 monsters vs aliens was at w/e at mine.

on line sales remember quidco..

24 Salvation 1 disk £4.00 at Frome store

Wow I wish my store had some decent deals :roll:

Just got back from work and can confirm that monsters vs aliens is still £5.

I was in my local Sainsburys on Monday (Middlesbrough), they had a load of Comedy DVD's as you come into the store, alot marked as £6.49, went to the back of the store were the DVD racks are and got Alvin and the Chipmunks for £3 and Dave Spikey ...Medicine Tour 2009 for £4.99, some of the decent ones were still full price Joe Calzaghe Undefeated (2 disc) £13.99 came home went on HMV and got it for £6.99 ordered on Monday arrived today Thursday.
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