Clearance shampoos and conditioners in Boots, inc. Herbal Essences from 59p @ Boots

Clearance shampoos and conditioners in Boots, inc. Herbal Essences from 59p @ Boots

Found 18th Jun 2014
Whilst in Boots Farnborough (Queensmead) I noticed that a wide variety of shampoos were reduced to much lower prices, which I'll list below. There were still plenty there when I left. I also checked in Boots in Fleet, where I noticed some other ones reduced. Might be worth checking your local Boots!

The masks and leave in conditioners are very good deals for those that use them!

Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine shampoo - 59p
Herbal Essences Classics silk and shine shampoo - 95p
Herbal Essences seductively straight shampoo - 59p
Herbal Essences hello hydration shampoo - 59p
Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo - £1.58
Herbal Essences Bee Strong conditioner - 59p
Herbal Essences Bee Strong leave in conditioner - £1.20
Herbal Essences Bee Strong Bee Strong mask - £1.20
Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly mask - £1.20

Boots Fruit Essence Moisture Repair conditioner - 38p
Boots Fruit Essence Goodbye Dry Ends Conditioner - 38p
Boots Fruit Essence Vibrant Colour shampoo - 38p
Boots Provitamin Intense Shine shampoo - 50p

Naked 2 in 1 shampoo (Toffee Apple/Banana & Custard/Jam Sandwiches) - 75p
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Posted the pictures I took of the prices, and my receipt here…Hex
Ooh great prices, I'll have to have a look in our local boots!
** HOT...HOT....HOT ***** Just been to local Boots and lots of Shampoo's, conditioners and hair stuff for clearance on shelves. X)
Great value. The Hello Hydration (blue) is the best shampoo out there.
(_;) Plus........... A few of these are still in the '3 for 2 offer' (_;)
Nothing in the 2 London stores I went to yesterday evening and nothing in my local store either
Thanks for post just got 8 lots rrp of £24 for £7
Absolutely fab! Birkenhead boots have them marked up at full price I got the prices checked and bought practically the whole hair care aisle!!
just been in to my local boots and got these great deal !!
Not found any
Redditch boots had 400ml pantene pure. no silicon one, shampoo and conditioner 98p each and three for two offer on shampoos comes off also. only a few herbal essences left.
Braintree still had some items left, thanks for this I am now all stocked up!
Got a load of lines in Seaford (E Sussex)...keep me & the little monsters clean & styled for a while.

Many thanks to SaxonStar for posting.
Managed to get some in Boots Kilmarnock yesterday!! Well stocked up
Mark hill shampoos are reduced to £1.75 from £5.49
fab find! thank you! i went to my local boots where i thought would be none left but i picked up a lot and went back again for more ! the shelf price still showed full price but when i got to the till it was the reduced price.

also i found if you have a boots advantage card, you can print out voucher from the kiosk machine, that entitles you 25% off on selected shampoo/ conditioner, so in this instance it was herbal essences for me. i think discount is applied to 1 item though and you can print only 3 vouchers, so i just did them all in seperate transactions and so instead of 59p it was 44p !! x

i think i will head back again tomorrow to buy more and stock up! as my hair is long and thick hehe
Here are mine
James brown 1.75 (I used the 25% off voucher so 1.31)
Dove dry shampoo 1.15
Dove conditioner 68p
Naked shampoo/conditioner 1.10
James brown small shampoo 50p
Pantene 75p

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