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25 Natural Riven Paving Slabs with free delivery (600 x 300 x 38mm)  £85 @clearancepaving
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Posted 12th Jan 2016Posted 12th Jan 2016
25 Natural Riven Paving Slabs with free delivery (600 x 300 x 38mm) £85 @clearancepaving£85
Good price for these - particularly with the free delivery within England. Single size, riven concrete paving slab in natural grey. This natural riven surfaced and economical pav… Read more

Any one ordered them? are they 600x300?


Nope that is pretty much 4.7275m2.


shamford?? X)


looks like i'm not allowed to say "bu99ers" - whoops


furthermore, if the slab is 60cm x 30cm, and there are 25 of the ****, that's more than 4.73m2 isnt it??

Buff Riven Paving Slabs (450 x 450 x 32mm) 64 for £64 (£1 a slab, with free delivery)  - new stocks now available
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Posted 19th Nov 2015Posted 19th Nov 2015
Amazing Value Just £1 a slab! 64 x 450x450x32mm Buff Riven Paving Slabs Single size, riven concrete paving slabs. This paving is designed for transforming utility or hard standi… Read more

does anyone know the colour of the slabs ??


Yeah I'll second the good quality service and delivery. Very happy with the slabs as well. Haven't had chance to lay them but the blemishes certainly aren't noticeable.


Got these the last time they were posted on here a few weeks ago. As newbold said, customer service & delivery was excellent. Out of the 192 slabs I received, only around 30-40 showed any signs of contamination and 15-20 of those is on the under side so won't show when laid anyway (even then, it's only the odd small spot here and there). Worth keeping an eye on the website as they seem to pop up quite regularly on there but get snapped up very quickly.


Wow - sold out already? Who bought them all? oO


How do they hold up though? ace price but..

64x Weatherd Apricot Riven paving slabs for £64.00 @ Clearance Paving
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Posted 6th Nov 2015Posted 6th Nov 2015
64x Weatherd Apricot Riven paving slabs for £64.00 @ Clearance Paving£64
I'm no paving expert but this certainly looks cheap and a similar deal seemed to get some heat last week: Single size, riven concrete paving slabs. This decorative paving is design… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

They delivered within a week, and gave the delivery date three days after ordering. Impressive firm.


I haven't recive yet. Do you know how long can be?


​ thanks. It was really helpful. I know nothing about these things and was recently ripped off by a plumber for a little job.


Kzee. I got a patio laid bout 18 slabs 750x750 bigger slabs. Cost me bout £80 for the labour. Sand cost me £20 and cement was £15. Weed proof membeane was abiut £25 but o only used a fifth I got quoted between £200-80. I went fir the cheapest option i supervised him. Dint let any one rip u off ita more labiur job than a skilled job. Ut.only took 6 hours


When I got mine delivered yesterday the pallets where unloaded from the truck using a non motorised trolley jack and left on my neighbours drive. The lorry was on a slope and the driver couldn't get the pallets to the lift at the end of the lorry. I had to help to push the pallets. If you hoping for a truck with a hydraulic arm lift then you'll be disappointed. Afterwards I moved the slabs one by one to my drive. I ordered 4 pallets so took ages. If you have 4/5 people to move the slabs then it should be ok.

64 x 450x450x32mm Buff Riven Paving Slabs for £64 with free delivery @ Clearance Paving
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Posted 31st Oct 2015Posted 31st Oct 2015
64 x 450x450x32mm Buff Riven Paving Slabs for £64 with free delivery @ Clearance Paving£64
Yes that's right 64 slabs £1 each and free delivery ! 64 x 450x450x32mm Buff Riven Paving Slabs Description Amazing Value Just £1 a slab! Single size, riven concrete paving sla… Read more

only just having these layed after storing them on pallets in the garden for 7 month's but the bloke I have laying them is cursing me. He says (and has pointed out to me about a hundred times) that they vary slightly in thickness and size, and some don't run square with lips on the edges where I presume that the concrete has overspill in the moulds. He does say though that I've paid less that half the price he can get them for delivered.


How can I kill the weed grass if u cut it it grows back


Received mine, delivery driver left them in the parking bay opposite my house. Out of the 3 pallets I ordered id say about half of a pallet (in total) show the contamination and about half of those are on the underside. Can't complain that only a 1/4 of a pallet out of the 3 will actually show any of the (minimal dots) of contamination. Very impressed.


Normally OH does it but this time it was eldest son.....


I've had to delay my delivery (was due Friday but now next week as I'm away). Had a couple of conversations with the company who are very helpful, the lady told me they come on a pallet 1200x960 on a tail lift truck. She said the driver will try to put in my front garden if possible as long as he doesn't have to pull the pallets over gravel or grass. If he's unable to put in front garden, will put on kerb/road as long as its not on or immediately near a bend and cars/people can pass.

1.8m dia indian Sandstone Patio Circle Football Feature £60 FREE DELIVERY @ Clearance Paving
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Posted 4th May 2014Posted 4th May 2014
1.8m dia indian Sandstone Patio Circle Football Feature £60 FREE DELIVERY @ Clearance Paving£60
Description Show your true football colours with this stunning Indian sandstone tootball feature circle. Create a centre piece in your existing garden patio area of simply create a… Read more
indian  Sandstone Octagon patio pack £129 @ Clearance Paving
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Posted 29th Apr 2014Posted 29th Apr 2014
indian Sandstone Octagon patio pack £129 @ Clearance Paving£129
Sandstone Octagon Feature Pack Forest Glen Description Utilise this feature pack to create a stunning focal point on your garden landscape or why not incorporate it with paving to … Read more

I bought 2 full packs, that is approx 1 1/2 packs. These are the packs I got, although I think they are a bit more expensive now and you may be able to get cheaper elsewhere .


You might have made it but I'm copying you slab for slab... :) BTW Did you buy a particular mixed stone pack or did you choose the different slab sizes?


There's no pattern, I just make it up as I go :D


I'm in awe of your steps. Beautiful.


that's a work of art, I'm nicking the pattern for my drive.

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