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Best price for 12 month loratadine hayfever tablets £7.99 (+£2.99 del) @ ClearChemist
Refreshed 15th MayRefreshed 15th May
just had this emailed to today best price so far plus you sign up as a new user you get an extr 5% off There is also a £2.99 postage fee for up too 5 days delivey
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Yes, e.g., Cetirizine 4 month (£2.79) from Pharmacy First with free delivery, total for a year is £8.37 Similarly Loratadine for a year £7.77


I tend to find these are the same price Haylief Loratadine Hayfever & Allergy Relief 10mg Tablets x 300 GSL, good reviews and quick delivery. No hassle of registering with a new website


There's no way anyone ever paid £102 for this. Nonsense and outright lies like this make me avoid retailer's


Anyone know why generic fexofenadine is so expensive?


Username checks out

12 Month Supply of Cetirizine for £11.99 including shipping at ClearChemist
Found 1st Jul 2017Found 1st Jul 2017
12 month supply of Cetirizine for 11.99 including shipping when you select 5-day shipping. Enter code SUMMER12 at checkout.

Or live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland...


All prescriptons are free for children, as they should be IMO.


not a dolite, higher rate tax payer here pal, but I do get it free for my son to help the itching when i give him his infusion


​If you're a dolite, yes.


isn't this free from the doctors

Hayfever Relief - 12 Month Supply of Loratadine or Cetirizine £11.99 With Code @ Clear Chemist
Found 4th Mar 2017Found 4th Mar 2017
Use code HAYE12 at checkout to get for £9 plus £2.99 P&P Had an email from Clear Chemist to advise they have extra stock from their Wowcher deal 7.7% Topcashback
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I ordered 6 months for under a fiver yesterday.


Does it work on Haye fever? Big fight tonight!


Good deal, before the hayfever season starts & prices skyrocket! Doctors advise people to start taking hayfever meds the month before the hayfever season properly starts, so your deal post serves as a good reminder for me to dig out the Loratadine. Cheers, OP!

Allergy tabs 6 months supply (loratidine or cetirizine) £4.49 @ Clear Chemist
Found 13th Feb 2017Found 13th Feb 2017
Comes up quite often I think. Enter code: SNEEZE Free delivery (for me anyway).
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No free postage for me.


Subtotal £51.00 Discount -£46.51 Shipping & Handling £3.19 Grand Total (Including VAT) £7.68


Any good from this £12 for a year?


Bhpc Classic M As Balm 75ml Beverly Hills Polo Clu W_S15B_8411114071206 1 £0.75 6 Month Cetirizine W_P1_6Month-CETX6 1 £51.00 Subtotal £51.75 Shipping & Handling £0.00 Discount (SNEEZE) -£46.51 Tax £0.87 Grand Total £5.24

LesD free delivery here.

Benetton Refreshing Body Mist for women 250ml £4.99 for five. @ Clear Chemist
Found 22nd Jan 2017Found 22nd Jan 2017
clear chemist has this offer five Benetton body mists for women for £4.99.You get to pick the fragrances yo want so seems a good offer. + £3.19 min delivery charge - rachnumber1
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received mine today.... gorgeous!


only four scents left


in stock now


Availability: Out of stock :(


expired indeed

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TIGI Urban Antidotes (Re-Energize) Shampoo + Conditioner with free Frank Apple perfume £6.99 @ Clear Chemist
Found 17th Jan 2017Found 17th Jan 2017
Save an amazing £54.50 on the Re-Energize TIGI Shampoo and Conditioner duo with a free Frank Apple perfume. Only Re-Energise left in stock Use code: AFFIVE to get an extra 5% of… Read more
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Still in stock at £9.99 - doesn't look like you get the free perfume




Plus £3.19 delivery

Twin pack of Lynx Shower Gel with Free Aftershave worth £8 originally £18 @ Clear Chemist - £3.98
Found 13th Jan 2017Found 13th Jan 2017
Purchase a Twin pack of lynx shower gel for £3.98 And receive FREE: Frank Apple Aftershave 'Born To Be Hard' 100ml Though postage starts off at £3.19 for second class or free… Read more
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Comment I'd drown I if you were my child!


No I actually use it lol. I don't just make things up. It's one of the only finer luxuries I have and it lasts a long time.


now do u actually use it or do you just know what it is and then say u use it lol


I don't like cheap Aftershave my cheapest are still nearly £50. I usually use Creed Aventus which is just short of £200 for 75ml

Thierry mugler amen 100 edt £27.99 clearchemist
Found 13th Jan 2017Found 13th Jan 2017
Only 3 left. It will cost a lot more everywhere else


Out of stock!!!


​Morning..Did you got any deer? I mean Gold not the lovely candy cane :D or still hunting :p




REPNOV5 will also give 5% discount, just used it and it worked :) Heat

Oral B Pro 600. Was £49.99 now £15.99 inc. Free Delivery from Clear Chemist
Found 13th Nov 2015Found 13th Nov 2015
Just received an email from online site Clear Chemist. Doing a deal for an Oral B Cross Action Pro 600 in Pink for £15.99 including free delivery. £24.97 at amazon and Superdrug … Read more
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Ha :D that took me a while to get that!!!!


​good swap




Thx opp brought for the daughter


You should really put a comma in there, wouldn't want people thinking you're some kind of used toothbrush fetishist :D

Chanel nail polish £5.63 + £2.99 p&p (£8.62) @ Clear Chemist (or £7.95 with code and cash back)
Found 17th Oct 2015Found 17th Oct 2015
Chanel nail polish down to £5.63! £2.99 delivery or free if over £35 spend

Sorry should be £5.63 + £2.99 delivery. £8.62. My mistake! And you can also get 5% off first orders with code AFFIVE and also 7.35% cash back Making it £4.96 with £2.99 delivery £7.95


These are still available should anyone want

Clear Chemists - 6 month supply of antihistamines just £5.10 + £2.99 postage - £8.09 with code HAY90
Found 24th Jun 2015Found 24th Jun 2015
Wonderful offer for allergy and hay fever sufferers. Original price £51.00. Offer available on cetirizine or loratadine. One use per order. Expires 31/07/2015. Don't forget to use … Read more
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This is still a drug you can get OTC, just in generic packaging. This is no more effective than any branded OTC that contains loratadine


1 month's supply for 99p. 6 months supply for £5.94. Including delivery.


I use Ceritizine myself and use these already. They do work for me.


Looks a proper drug so should work, a lot of the OTC remedies are ineffective

£51 discounted to £0, just pay £2.99 for postage. Clear Chemist.
Found 9th Jun 2015Found 9th Jun 2015
Get a 6 month supply of Cetirizine hay fever tablets for the low low price of £0. Just enter this code in at the checkout: LSUB900330
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These never work for me, so i need to take benadryl.


Rubbish! Code doesn't work!


Just tell her you're 'ploughing the field'....


I got these... working fine :-)


Wonder if it worked on other stuff

Ibuprofen 400mg, box of 84 tablets only £1.39 (+£2.99 delivery £4.38) at
Found 6th Apr 2015Found 6th Apr 2015
I was looking at another product from a deal site when I saw this belter of a deal.
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Tesco pharmacy sell the 48's size for £2 a box for the 400mg. So 96 for £4 and no waiting 3-5 days for delivery either. Cold from me!


Unfortunately it looks like your book is wrong, sunshine!

Not everybody gets free prescriptions. In Scotland we are the fortunate ones.


nice one elliedawn lol


Or you could just go to the doctor and get the 600mg FREE

6 Months supply of hayfever tablets 'Cetirizine' - FREE SHIPPING - £2.99 @ Clear Chemist
Found 28th Jan 2015Found 28th Jan 2015
USE CODE: TESTCET6 Cetirizine Antihistamine tablets offer you the opportunity to control your hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and provide you with symptom relief for your skin, dust… Read more

Does anyone else who purchased these find the completely ineffective?


Contrary to the comments here, i have purchased these since 2011 and have had no issues apart from complete relief from my hayfever allergy, usually you can find a deal where there £8 for a time but this is the best offer i have found...i receive no problem..legit..if you have any summer allergies i would recommend trying them - or wait till the spring and spend up to £15 for one box for one week the maths..


Any method of delivery is showing as free so I selected same day dispatch. Will see what I win... If you're worried about misuse of your email address, don't forget with Gmail, you 'own' everything before the @. So if your email address is you can put a period (full stop for us Brits) anywhere before the @ e.g. and it will always come to your normal account. You can also add extra bits in to identify a specific usage of that email address. E.g. - same as above, will always come to your account. Using this method, you can always tell who has abused your info.


From the article you posted: I placed two separate orders without issue.


£51. Awfull website - not working v well today - can see place to enter code, and the basket keep auto emptying.

12 month supply of Cetirizine £9.47 including P&P @ Clear Chemist
Found 5th Jan 2015Found 5th Jan 2015
Enter code OCTCET to reduce price to £9.47 At Clear Chemist

first up sorry your brother has diabetes. No amount of cetirizine will treat an auto immune disease, nice wording of probably, there's no link between diabetes and allergies published. I don't even need to check. Who would see a doctor for free cetirizine when a years supply is less then a tenner. This is a good deal. Just not for treating diabetes


I really need to know if this product still listed and if so what code do I need, cause it shows £102


Judgemental much?! My brother has a cat allergy and so when he comes to visit I keep a stash of cetirizine for him. Our house is vaccummed every day with a sebo vacuum - considered one of the best - and he just has to be in the house for a few minutes before his eyes start streaming, the sneezing starts and his nose begins to run. Weirdly, when he suddenly became type 1 diabetic (aged 21) it was the same time he suddenly became allergic to cats. Probably auto-immune related. Anyhow, as he's type 1 diabetic he could get it for free but he doesn't want to bother the doctor with wasting an appointment and getting prescription when he could organise it himself for a few quid. His new girlfriend has a cat, I'm sure this will be of use to him as he's spending a fortune at boots on them! (I usually get 2 packs of 7 for £1 from poundland and shove them in the cupboard for when he comes. This is much better value).


The discount code won't work for me


If you're concerned you can call them on 0800 6 126 326. I've found them extremely helpful at answering any enquiry, and, before you ask, no, I don't work for them. ClearChemist About Us

12 month supply of Cetirizine - £11.97 @ Clear Chemist
Found 7th Oct 2014Found 7th Oct 2014
Enter voucher code OCTCET to get it at this price. Price quoted includes 2nd class post. 1p cheaper than Pharmacy First… Read more

Meh, normal price, just got a load for 12 quid delivered and paid about that the previous year and the year before that!


Try adding the discount code OCTCET ;)


Showing as £102 for me! Get these every year normally.