Clearskin Avon Trial

Clearskin Avon Trial

Found 4th Mar 2008
Do you suffer from constant spots and blemishes that you just can't get rid of? Or do you know someone that does? Avon are conducting a customer trial for an exciting new range of products designed to treat problem skin and send pimples packing. If you are interested in taking part in this exclusive trial and giving us some much valued feedback then please email us at . Please include your name, age, brief description of your skin condition and a photo that clearly shows your skin.


1. I hope they take me on - freebies!!
2. I have KP and it just wont go away so I'm praying that if I can get on the trial it will be a solution for my 10yr chicken skin problem!!

Thanks pinkmelons!! Hot hot hot x

good deal. My teenage acne has cleared up but its a nightmare. I have not applied, so there is trials for people that actually need it.

Hey!! Thanks heat added :thumbsup:

wish id read this 35 and still suffer from spots!!!!

[COLOR="Red"]This is not a freebie [/COLOR]

You have to be selected before you participate in a trial.
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