Clearwater Swimming/Paddling Pool Starter Kit (Chlorine/Anti-Algae/PH+-/Test Strips) - £19.99 @ The Range

Clearwater Swimming/Paddling Pool Starter Kit (Chlorine/Anti-Algae/PH+-/Test Strips) - £19.99 @ The Range

Found 19th Jul 2013
For those who have managed to get a paddling/swimming pool for the hot weather, you might be struggling to keep the water in top condition after a few days. This should help. Price seems good...

The starter kit is £34.99 at argos, on sale at £29.99 but seems to be no stock anywhere. It's up around £60 on amazon marketplace, but just £19.99 at the range.

It was on the website, but has been removed - see first post for a google cache link. I think it's been removed as its a dangerous product that some places don't like to sell online.

As another gauge of value, the testing strips are £6.99 at homebase, and the chlorine granules on their own at £13.99. Stock is also nearly impossible to come by.

Having tracked a starter kit down locally, it seems there is stock at a number of stores, but some will be sold out - direct store numbers are available on the range website, and I would advise people to check first.

Kit contents: 1kg chlorine granules
1.5kg pH minus
1kg pH plus
1ltr algaecide
25 dip test strips
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(This item has been removed from the live website, so this is a cached version)
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Homebase Links:…en= - £12.99 Chlorine Granules…881 - £6.99 test strips
Do people really test their paddling pools??

Do people really test their paddling pools??

If its a tiny kid thing, its not an issue. If its 5000 litres you don't really wanna be refilling it every day, nor be swimming in bright green water.
You'll never use all that pH plus or pH minus in 10+ years.... So we found out. Test strips are ok but you can get others sorts that give you more info these 3 chemical pad dip strips. Dip strips not so good for bromine users (no I don't inject). Bromine seems to be gentler on the user, ie kids skin we have found.
fantastic, going to the range later on, in currently emptying a green pool.. newbie mistake by not treating the pool
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