Clementines - 1.2 kilos for £1 at Morrisons

Clementines - 1.2 kilos for £1 at Morrisons

Found 25th Nov 2010Made hot 25th Nov 2010
Just bought some and they are sugar sweet. Being Clementines they are quite small in size. Not sure if it is a national offer. Also 600 grams were available for 50 pence


Great! Off to Morrisons to get some

Got some of the 50p ones

Had 2 at work today and they are not THAT sweet

Good price though

Not bad. Not the juiciest and quite sinewy, but then again this is Morrisons...

got time on monday..50p a bag.. easy peeler but not that sweet as would expect of clementines. skin color tone toward orange / yellow are not that sweet and some time sour too. i think best ones are with skin color tone towards red. that are really very sweet. get them from sainsburys at times when they stock.

That having been said they seem to improve a lot if you give them three or four days in the fruit bowl

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