CleverSpa Bondi Inflatable Hot Tub - £399.99 @ The Range

CleverSpa Bondi Inflatable Hot Tub - £399.99 @ The Range

Found 31st Mar
  • User Capacity: Up to 6 Adults SAVE £100
  • User Capacity: Up to 6 Adults
  • Diameter: 2.08m
  • Height: 0.65m
  • Water Capacity (at 80%): 1000L
  • Cable Length: 5m (Approx)
  • Actual Water Flow: 1880L (Per Hour)
  • The CleverSpa Bondi Inflatable Hot Tub features 130 all-surrounding AirJets that are designed to help you relax, unwind, and soak in both comfort and style. With a cushioned floor, built-in pump and heating system, as well as an easy-to-use digital control panel, this powerful hot tub is designed to inflate in less than 5 minutes. Rapidly heating to 42°C,
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I found this similar on Asda website this morning when I was wondering if i should ?
Lay Z Spa- Vegas £339.99…tml
Not sure what to make of the cleverspa, they're clearly trying to get in on the lay z spa market, but aren't really any cheaper, even with £100 off. Unless they are far more reliable I think I'd rather get a lay z spa where there's spares all over eBay and Amazon/Argos can bring me filters same day if I need. Anyone here had both to compare?
Mysticaltopaz2426 m ago

I found this similar on Asda website this morning when I was wondering if …I found this similar on Asda website this morning when I was wondering if i should ? Lay Z Spa- Vegas £339.99,default,pd.html

You can often get the Vegas or similar under £300 (it's hit £250 before) It's a great little tub but is on the small side, so fine for two people. The larger ones including this cleverspa one here should fit 4 people (you'd have to be very friendly to fit 6... And let some water out)
I have the miami, I love it
Surley the aldi deal last week is better value with a 3 year warranty? Reported stock left as well as per the comments on that thread
Where are people putting these? Spare shed, conservatory, lounge? Would like to get one but not sure if I just want to stick it in the garden.
Are there seats in them?
Has anyone purchased this clearspa bondi hot tub can't seem to find any reviews
Cheaply made, mine started leaking today, loads of faults.
I have had the Bondi CleverSpa for 3 weeks now and it's great, even better with the gorgeous weather. Took a chance on this new product range because I wanted the built in heater and definitely not disappointed - not keen on the other Spa's big external heater as I wanted it neatly in the corner of the garden. I have ordered the replacement filters off their website directly but I have also seen them in store at the Range and on line at Asda.
I have just bought this Cleverspa from Asda for £300, I think this original post is not the right product. My family are really excited about the spa and it is fantastic value for money, a simliar one in the Range but not this product shown. We cannot wait to use it this weekend when the sun is out!…tml
Got mine before the weekend and I am so glad I did. Perfect for sunning yourself in the garden with a glass of bubbly. So easy to inflate (which I was a bit worried about) but it was really quick and easy. I got mine because of the inbuilt heater (what a blessing!). I can imagine that families will be all over this as it’s really child friendly and a great activity to do on those summer days. I was a bit worried that it might look tacky like some other makes out there, but it’s really stylish looking too. Can’t wait for the summer now
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