ClickFree USB backup converter for USB hard drives  £17.38 @ Misco

ClickFree USB backup converter for USB hard drives £17.38 @ Misco

Found 19th May 2011
Cheapest elsewhere i can find is £25

Cheaper than getting a Clickfree drive

With the Clickfree Transformer, protecting valuable information on a computer has never been easier. Existing backup drives, including those from the leading “singletouch” device manufacturers, require complex setup even before the first backup can be completed. This means software installation, system reboots, hardware set up and software configuration. In addition to taking a long time to set up, these products require the user to learn new, confusing terminology. With Clickfree, all of these complexities are removed. The Clickfree Transformer converts any external hard drive storage into a Clickfree backup device. To run a backup, simply remove the Clickfree Transformer from the box and connect it along with any external hard drive storage to a computer – that’s it. The backup automatically starts by itself and backs up files without any user interaction onto the external hard drive storage.


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If anyone is interested got mine today, very easy to use, far better than any software i have used in the past

Nice find, thanks.
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