Clinique For Men Trial Kit £5 @ Boots (Free C&C)

Clinique For Men Trial Kit £5 @ Boots (Free C&C)

Found 1st Oct 2017
I bought this from Clinique directly many months ago, they aren't massive but for a fiver it's worth it in my opinion, instead of spending a lot more and possibly finding it's not for you. Personally I found the moisturiser really good, which I now end up buying anyway.

It went OOS last time around, a good few weeks back so thought some of you would like to know, in case you wanted to give it a whirl

Kit includes:
Face Wash 30ml
Exfoliating Tonic 30ml
Moisturizing Lotion 15ml

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Bought at Christmas last year too.

If you are spending £50 at Boots will also get £10 of points until tomorrow, with the 20 points per £ promo on £50+ spend.
this again, these things are tiny btw
casablancas19 m ago

this again, these things are tiny btw

Yep agree, and I don't get the hype..I could be missing somehitng
Bought today at boots, gyle centre edinburgh
Yes, posted not long ago (perhaps a month, meaning it can technically be posted again).
Clinique kill bunnies.…nt/…ls/

This is a non deal, from a bad company.

Also, Boots will happily refund products if you react badly or they don't work for you, from my experience.

Not sure how Superdrug are as never tried there - but I know Boots get slated a bit for apparently being more expensive, but their ManCave and Bulldog promotions can be great, advantage points and promotions are generous, and you can buy with confidence as you can return stuff that doesn't work for you.

So no need to buy small testers like this.

Voted cold.
75ml in total £5 really!! is this made from the tears of leprechauns and fairy wings??
bought these earlier. they are good!
yes they are small but you don't need to put half of it on your face. I'd say it's enough to TRY it out 5-7 times. Daily For a week.
Back in stock
Great for a weekend trip, ordered 😊
is this the one with the instructions warning not to use near naked flames?

But a good value set
Up to 414°. Worth a go. Haters will hate 🙄
These are perfect for traveling, hence the popularity.
Vaseline intensive care is MUCH better for your skin, use it daily & after shaving & you don't need all this money grabbing crap imo 🏽
I have used Clinique shaving products for years and all I can say is you get what you pay for. You use less so I would say it's good value
an awfully long time ago I used to shave.
always used Clinique afterwards, was the best stuff out there. that was 15 years ago of course, things might have changed..
Great value, and perfect for travelling 🏼
Every time go to boots they haven't got it. Wild goose chase!
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