Clint Eastwood Box Set @ The Hut only £8.93 delivered
Clint Eastwood Box Set @ The Hut only £8.93 delivered

Clint Eastwood Box Set @ The Hut only £8.93 delivered

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A Fistful Of Dollars:

The first of the 'spaghetti westerns', A Fistful Of Dollars became an instant cult hit and launched the film careers of Italian Writer-Director Sergio Leone, and a little known American television actor named Clint Eastwood. As the lean, cold-eyed cobra-quick gunfighter - Clint became the first of the 'anti heroes'. A Fistful Of Dollars is the western taken to the extreme - with unremitting violence, gritty realism, tongue-in-check humour and striking visuals.

For A Few Dollars More:

A Fistful Of Dollars had proven so successful that a sequel was inevitable. The superbly scripted For A Few Dollars More tells the tale of a ruthless quest to track down the notorious bandit El Indio, played by Gian Maria Volonte, by an unforgettable alliance between ruthless gun-slingers Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef. Sergio Leone's direction is both violent and operatic and Ennio Morricone's atmospheric score keeps the tension taut as the action moves from jail breaks and holds up to spectacular gun battles.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly:

In the third of Eastwood's spaghetti trilogy Director Sergio Leone substitutes the upright puritan Protestant ethos, so familiar in Hollywood westerns, for a seedy cynical standpoint towards death and morality. The complex plot of bloodshed and betrayal winds its way through the American Civil War following a team of brutal bandits battling to unearth a fortune buried beneath an unmarked grave, and boasts in find Ennio Morricone score featuring a main theme that reached No. 1 in the world's pop charts.

Hang'em High:

They riddled him with bullets. They strung him up. They left him to die. But they made two fatal mistakes, they hanged the wrong man... and they didn't finish the job. In his first American-made western, Clint Eastwood indelibly carves his niche as the quintessential tough guy - cool-headed, iron-willed and unrelenting in the pursuit of revenge.


Hey Great find, Angel Eyes.

I love these Spag Westerns! Thanks for posting will add to Christmas list

These are the old versions I think - spend a few pence extra and get the decent set:



HOTTER than a baked potato

These are in Full Screen btw.


These are in Full Screen btw.

yeah they are the earlier transfers with bad colour - the one I mentioned has the extra discs too


HOTTER than a baked potato

good find :santa::thumbsup:http://photo-shack.com/img/96ea64f3a1aa2fd00c72faacf0cb8ac9.gif


good find :santa::thumbsup:

It's not a good find, really.

Either you buy this 3 disc duff version, or you pay less than £1 more and buy the 6 disc good version.

Hello? :whistling:
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