Clint Eastwood The Legend 1 (Box Set) (5 Discs) - £7.99

Clint Eastwood The Legend 1 (Box Set) (5 Discs) - £7.99

Found 31st Aug 2006
Five films. Where Eagles Dare - Plenty of explosions, suspense and adventure make this an exciting WW2 espionage thriller. A US General is held captive in a castle high up in the Bavarian Alps, and Burton and Eastwood are assigned to go where only eagles dare, to rescue him. City Heat - In the Prohibition days of bath-tub gin and jazz babies, a Kansas City cop teams up with a second rate private eye to bust the rival mob families. Eastwood is a joy, wickedly sending up his earlier vigilante roles and showing a rare glimpse of comedy talent. Heartbreak Ridge - Vietnam vet drill sergeant has to take a bunch of rookie marines and lick them into shape for action during the invasion of Grenada. Eastwood is outstanding as the hard-nosed career soldier, married to the Corps, whose life off the parade ground won't seem to play by the rule book. Pink Cadillac - Bounty hunter Clint Eastwood comes to the aid of Bernadette Peters the wife of a crook in this hilariously funny and action-packed movie. Disguises aplenty and a mixture of brains and brawn help him catch the villains and pursue a romantic relationship with Peters. White Hunter, Black Heart - Clint Eastwood stars as film director John Wilson, a character loosely modelled on John Huston, in this intriguing drama based on events during the filming of The African Queen, when Huston was reputedly more interested in shooting elephants than completing his movie. Directed by Eastwood, this is a fascinating story based on the book by scriptwriter Peter Viertel who worked with Huston in the Belgian Congo.

Please check price in basket when ordering as at present it now appears in shopping basket as £12.99.
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Fantastic price potlepa.Also you can save a few more pennies by going through quidco where you can get 8% cashback on dvd's.In this case 79p.Bringing the cost down to £7.20.:thumbsup:This is only £1.44 per disc.
This was posted a couple of weeks back at about £14 which was then a very good price.
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That really is a great price!! Everywhere else is £30+. Another good find!

This seems to be coming up at £12.99 when I add it to the basket - anyone else getting the same?

haha - yes im getting the same too. Poor show!

(still a good deal tho)

Just tried it and you are right it does now change to £12.99.:confused:
However i did buy this when it was posted earlier and i can confirm that it was selling at £7.99.:)
Here is the confirmation email i received.
Thank you for ordering from Your order has been received and is now in process. If you wish to check the status of your order you can review your order by logging into your account and clicking on the order status button. Items on This Order Reference 149418 1 x Clint Eastwood The Legend 1 (Box Set) (Five Discs) (DVD Region 2),£7.99 Sub-Total: £7.99 Postage & Packing: £0.00 Total: £7.99.8)

They will prob use the same excuse as earlier to wriggle out of it.

That the shipment to them got "lost in the post" lol

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These guys @101cd are just amazing. The prices go up and down and up and down all the time......

Just like to say,got mine yesterday.Thought they would cancel it,but no,and a good buy it was too.:thumbsup:

ooh another great find potlepa!

too bad I missed it!
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