Clinton cards Outlet store. 5 cards for £3 or 79p each

Clinton cards Outlet store. 5 cards for £3 or 79p each

Found 28th Oct 2010
Big Brand cards include HALLMARK AND ME TO YOU
This wont apply to everyone i know but we have a clinton cards outlet store and they had most of the cards at 79p (some of these cards were upwards of £5!) and there offer was 5 for £3! Stocked up on a few birthdays to come.
Good deal if one is close to you and the cards a nicer than the cheap card shops.
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They tend to be cheaper than that at the (slightly dingy) outlet store in High Wycombe.
Never seen them cheaper at this one, i must admit not as tidy as a normal clintons store maybe why they are cheap!
Dont see why cold....i like to give nice cards to close family and in larger shops stores your looking at £3+ for 1 card.
i voted hot :-) i love my cards! Altho you can go to card factory and they do 10 for £1, so maybe thats why its voted cold :-) x
They dont even stand up them ones, i love to get nice cards to and a save some of them.
I understand you can get cheaper cards but this is decent cards at very cheaper price surely thats the deal, if i posted that you can get 6 cans of asda's cocacola for a quid over proper coke it would be freezing.(_;)
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