Clipper 80 green tea bags, in a pretty tin, £1.86 (-40p coupon inside ) @ Tesco

Clipper 80 green tea bags, in a pretty tin, £1.86 (-40p coupon inside ) @ Tesco

Found 6th Mar 2014
If you like fair trade green tea and tins and coupons this is for you. It's Clipper green tea 80 bags in a tin caddy. Reduced to £1.86 (before coupon) and after you buy the first there is a 40p off coupon inside,. So each additional 80 & tin you buy is then £1.46.

I've been in three Tescos, None in the biggest. I bought the last two in the next. The third there were loads on the shelf as they still had them at full price. Scanned at the till as £1.84 and I went back in with the coupon from the first for the second.

I guess this is being discontinued so happy wild goose hunting....

The coupons are valid until Dec 2014.
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Bought the same today at the same price in Coventry.
After you have the voucher, this is cheaper than 40 bags, and you get the pretty tin! Nothing hotter
I like green tea, this is hot!!!!
I posted about these the other day. didnt have any of the tins left in my local but had other clipper teas instead. they had the label on the shelf for it though

they had other brands of tea on sale aswell like tetleys red bush
not a fan of the design of the tin but it is my brand and I do need somewhere to store my tea bags so will start goosing. cheers!
Got this deal a couple of weeks ago. Great find!
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