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CLOCK YOURSELF = Physical Exercises + Cognitive Exercises App. Temporarily FREE @ Google Play
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CLOCK YOURSELF = Physical Exercises + Cognitive Exercises App. Temporarily FREE @ Google Play

Posted 26th Oct

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

CLOCK YOURSELF = Physical Exercise + Cognitive Exercise (simultaneously) x SPEED

When our balance fails us we need to react with a quick step in an unanticipated direction.This skill is as important to athletes on the sports field as it is for an elderly people with balance difficulties.

This app combines cognitive exercises with fast stepping and/or jumping exercises in a way that is fun and modifiable to challenge people of all ages and abilities.

Cognitive processing speed and psychomotor skills begin to decline in early adulthood!

With adjustable pace and the ability to design your own cognitive challenge to perform on your feet, Clock Yourself is an app designed to serve a different purpose for different people of all ages and stages of the lifespan.

Designed by an Australian physiotherapist who pieced together the best available evidence from the realms of cognitive science, sports science and falls prevention, CLOCK YOURSELF introduces physical exercises with cognitive exercises, simultaneously. The app was designed to facilitate practice of brain skills associated with abstract reasoning, multi-tasking, and planning and sequencing physical movement. Additionally, it progresses you to improve the speed at which your body can execute the motor instructions it receives from your brain.

All five levels of CLOCK YOURSELF activities are based on the visualisation of a clock face beneath your feet. This gives you 12 intuitive co-ordinates / reference points on the floor that you can be prompted to step to, without needing to wire up mats or sensors.

To set up all you need is about 2m x 2m of space and a smartphone or tablet with functioning audio.

To Clock Yourself means to “clock” your own brain.
The instructional videos at each level of the app orientate you to the methodology applied for each Clock Yourself challenge.

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Looks like a quality find and useful too.
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nabbed it thanks +heat

Maybe for when I get older (not that I am an early adult)
Thank you
Thank you, will give it a go 🏽
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