Clone Wars AT-TE Vehicle - £49.99 @ Smyths Toy Store

Clone Wars AT-TE Vehicle - £49.99 @ Smyths Toy Store

Found 10th Oct 2009
Went in to the new store near me and saw this for sale - ToysRus have is for £99.099 and Amazon have it for £89.99, so this is £40 cheaper than the next best price.

Blurb about product:

The ever-raging Star Wars became a lot more interesting during the Separatist Crisis when thousands of star systems seceded from the Galactic Republic to form the Confederacy of Independent Systems and so began the Clone Wars.

Fighting is a tiresome business and Clone Troopers have to do a lot of walking. Why not give your loyal Clone Wars toys a break and give them a ride in the exciting Clone Wars AT TE Vehicle. This six-legged All Terrain Tactical Enforcer is an awe-inspiring machine, capable of transporting up to 20 Clone Troopers into battle at a time. Its large armoured shell boasts electronic lights and sounds, as well as powerful firing missiles that are sure to impress even the most hardened battle-crazed Clone Wars fan.

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