Close Encounters Of The Third Kind DVD £2.45 delivered @ Zavvi

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind DVD £2.45 delivered @ Zavvi

Found 18th Mar 2010Made hot 18th Mar 2010
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When Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) witnesses the arrival of alien ships from a distant world, an incredible series of events begins - planes which disappeared during the Second World War are found intact in Mexico, long lost ships mysteriously re-appear in the middle of the desert, and people from all around the world, including Neary, are convinced that someone is trying to communicate with them. Neary's search to find an answer leads him to take part in the ultimate encounter with the extra terrestrials and to board the vast, beautiful mothership. This is neither the theatrical release version nor the director's cut of the film, but a special edition combining elements of both.


classic film!

How many discs?


How many discs?

It probably tells you on the site.

I used to have this before I upgraded to the Ultimate Edition Blu-ray, and its a single disk. Zavvi site confirms this.

loved this film:)
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