Some great clothes at a cheap rate......Loads of Marvel comic T-shirts


cold voters , they're not that bad are they? some good bargains in there.

I think it is because there are always deals on Play.com for clothing, its just the usual x days only, when in fact they probably havent changed anything. I personally think that there are some good deals - I got ALL my holiday t-shirts from here.

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Thanks Joey.....This site is really wrong sometimes. They are good deals just not everyones taste.....but those are the people that vote cold.

We know they have good deals at Play.com but to be honest we don't need to be told about it every 5 minutes on here!

This is a deal with 0% information - this is the problem.
Whats up with a few examples?

Some pretty cool designs, cheers.

i thought there was some good stuff on there earlier


Lazy post, cold
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