Cloud Engines PogoPlug Multimedia Sharing Device - £43.32 @ iBood
Cloud Engines PogoPlug Multimedia Sharing Device - £43.32 @ iBood

Cloud Engines PogoPlug Multimedia Sharing Device - £43.32 @ iBood

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Seemingly changes your external HDD to a sort of NAS server where you can access and stream files remotely. A quick Google search shows prices ranging from £60 to £100 for this model. Maybe of use to someone, seems a good deal to a non-techie?...

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Knowing you as an iBOODian, we know that all your hard disks must be pouring over with digital material. Films, music, images, I’m sure you know exactly what we’re talking about. The downside to that is that it’s not available wherever you want it to be. It’s all on your pc upstairs, but you want to enjoy that content in the living room, while on vacation on your laptop and in the toilet on your phone. To do that, you’d have to copy everything to the device on which you want it and hope you don’t forget anything. You wouldn’t want to miss the end of an exciting season of Dexter just because you forgot to copy the last episode. You’ll no longer have to worry about that with the Pogoplug. This fresh-looking device is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Connect a hard disk o it and before you know it, you’ve built yourself some kind of NAS server. Everything that’s on that hard disk can now be approached via the internet. That way, you can just do whatever you want, wherever you want on your laptop without having to copy everything all of the time. That doesn’t even have to be your own kitchen: the internet access allows you to do this wherever you are in the world. It’s very social: a great way to share media with your friends. You can even access these files with you phone. iPhones, Blackberrys and Android phones can handle this Pogoplug just fine. iPhone owners can even download a special app for that. The device becomes completely 2.0 with the possibility of publishing automatically on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. You can set up an RSS feed which makes sure this happens automatically. A wolf in sheep’s clothes with an irresistible roar: the Pogoplug Multimedia Dealer!"


What is this, do I need it? Is it a NAS that you just connect an external drive to ?

Or if I have family in canada, can they go to my account and use all my files ect.. ?

you can call it NAS minus disk.

Attach disk to it and it becomes NAS. Yes any person with internet will be able to access it, if you provide access.

Uhmm, would be a good way of sharing videos of my kids with the family in canada,

If you can make do with the pink - seems good - What's with the postage charges though - I click and get Price: £ 35,37
£8 postage??

just set one of these up for my neighbour, it's a very good piece of kit for sharing files, videos, pictures over the net. It's dead easy to set up, but you will need to buy a usb hard drive to go with it though (if you haven't already got one).

Good price compared with previous posts for this (just search for PogoPlug).

Similar internals to Seagate Dockstar which had lots of comments about installing Linux etc at:

Silly question: Will this be able to share media on my local network as well as the internet?

If so I'll be getting one


I want one but have never used iBood....are they any good?


I ended up ordering one of these, seems like a great device out of the box but it can have all sorts of 3rd party stuff installed on it e.g. plugapps.com

Very little power draw as well!
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