Cloud Nine The C9 Touch Styler / Straightener £77.22 @ Beauty Bay

Cloud Nine The C9 Touch Styler / Straightener £77.22 @ Beauty Bay

Found 17th Jul 2014
I have many hairdresser friends who have highly recommended these stylers, my GHDs have just broken and I've been told these are superior to GHDs

Cloud Nine The C9 Touch is an innovative styling iron which offers instant heat.

Featuring a button-less design which begins working from the first stroke, The C9 Touch heats up automatically and reaches its operating temperature of 195°C instantly. The fastest straightening iron available today, The C9 Touch also features revolutionary Mineral infused plates that glide smoothly through the hair for beautifully conditioned locks with a polished shine.

The C9 Touch is also suitable for fine hair; simply touch the plates together quickly 3 times to reduce the temperature to 165°C. Unlike any other Iron, The C9 Touch automatically switches off after 30 seconds of inactivity and comes back to full heat with just one stroke of the hair. This eco-friendly feature cuts power consumption to a fraction of traditional straightening irons' output.

Equipped with a MiCOM (Micro Computer) controlled heating system, The C9 Touch adjusts according to the thermal sensor's calculations, ensuring even temperature across the entire hair surface. Sure to be a best-seller, The C9 Touch leaves the hair looking smooth, shiny and perfectly styled.

Product Features:

Polished Plates - Unique patented Minral infused plates glide through the hair without snagging or tugging.
Eco Friendly - Automatically switches off after 30 seconds of inactivity.
Two Temperatures - 195°C for medium to thick hair and 165° for finer hair.
Button-less Design - Simply pick up the touch and begin styling, put it down again and forget about it. No Settings, simply click to use, or click three times to switch temperature.
LED Temperature Guide - Displays what temperature the The C9 Touch is set to.
MiCOM Controlled Heating System - The C9 Touch adjusts according to the thermal sensor's calculations, ensuring even temperature across the entire hair surface.
360° Swivel Cord - Supports every move for complete freedom and flexibility of styling.
Euro Plug with UK Fitting International Voltage ranging from 90v – 240v which will automatically adjust.
Two Year Manufacturing Warranty.
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It still surprises me that no one has come up with a better alternative to GHDs or any straightener manufacturer given their insanely simplistic design.

If you understood how these work you would not pay these exuberant prices.

Two hot plates a PCB and some other cheap parts, it's shocking that ghd got away with charging so much for so long and has since set the bar at what people will pay.

Also there has been the rumour for a long time that different manufacturers have been spin off companies of ghd founded by workers of the rival however none of these have been substantiated so be careful believing hairdressing friends.

Although im sure these are very good and every bit as good as GHDs
I appreciate that but having tried cheaper alternatives and them failing to impress or last I'd rather pay more for quality, my GHDs have lasted 5 years, 2 year guarantee on the C9 is there if they fail me
I got the wide plate ones from beauty expert i think its called, when they had the 20%off and i can honestly say they are MILES better than ghd, ended up buying 2 sets as i got it for about 98quid i think? (A set for someone else). I have been with ghds for almost 10 years roughly so to trust all the reviews online was a big thing but glad i did, as a hair stylist, a lot better than ghds. They just glide through the hair so gently compared to the countless ghd straightners i have. BUT i havent tried any of the recent models (2010 onwards maybe) of ghds so before anyone attacks me, read a few reviews. I love using these on clients too, just soooo much faster than ghds. Im sure i read up that someone who worked for ghds moved to C9? Anyway, go for cloud9 if youre unsure, glad i did :P
Just ordered hope they are worth it, I feel guilty I now have about 6 pairs of different hair straighteners. I just can't help trying out new ones!!! No more posts on hair straighteners , I can't see any more deals.
Forgot to mention, FREE DELIVERY & FREE GIFT! I got a free nail varnish worth £5 but there are other choices x
I have these much better than ghd

I have these much better than ghd

also if you go on their website it asks you about ur hair type etc and gives you advice on best temperature for ur hair to straighten at
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