Cloud Pets 36cm Interactive Soft Toy - Unicorn at The Toy Shop/Entertainer for £5.99

Cloud Pets 36cm Interactive Soft Toy - Unicorn at The Toy Shop/Entertainer for £5.99

Found 28th Nov 2017
Great reviews.

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We've got one, it's not great. Probably just about worth it for this price.
There £5 in poundworld i got my lg one she loves unicorn thought £5 was ok id of paid that for a normal unicorn teddy.
No, just no. The security design of the toy and app are pretty much missing. It's nice as a cuddly toy, don't use it as much else if you can help it...
I got two for the kids on a whim. As soft toys, these are well made with nice materials and finish. But as cloud messengers, they leave a bit to be desired. Getting a message on to the pet requires a serious commitment, and is anything but child’s play. The CloudPet app is buggy, replete with ads, and about as intuitive as non-Euclidean geometry. A real missed opportunity: with better testing, less of a narrow focus on short-term profits from the app, this could have been amazing. It could be great — sending goodnight messages to the kids from a distance, and kids sending messages back.

All told they’re still pretty amazing for the price, but I would have paid the (6x) RRP if the cloud functionality had been properly tested and developed.
As a cuddly toy - good for the price. As a 'cloud pet' - extremely poor quality.…001…984

They have had a
serious data breach. I looked at buying one for Xmas gift but I'm not risking it now. See links above.
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Got these for my kids a while back. Nice idea but the software is terrible. We only managed to get a few messages to work. Avoid.
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