Cloud pets - Unicorn £4.99 Home Bargains

Cloud pets - Unicorn £4.99 Home Bargains

LocalFound 24th Sep 2016

So this may be store specific as I've only been in the one but in Home Bargains in Swansea - Cwmdu store- they have the Unicorn Cloud Pets for £4.99.. would have taken a picture but left phone in the car! Good little present for birthday or the dreaded C word! ( and I mean Christmas before all the naughty ones on here start commenting... u know who u are!!! )
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Perfect for all Deadpool lovers. ^_~
I'd never heard of cloud pets before reading this....just looked them up....think my daughter would love it! thank you! Cwmdu is my local HB too.
Just got 2 from the entertainer (paid postage
These look really good just had a look at the app in the play store and the reviews are terrible
App isn't too bad once you get used to it on android however you have to pay to unlock all the features on iOS
It's rubbish. App doesn't work on lots of phones.
Really dissapointed in the cloud pet unicorn i bought for my poorly niece. Downloaded the app and then found out the unicorns being sold dont have the battery compartment so cant be turned on or connected to send the messages to it!!!
The ones in home bargains are not proper cloud pets. We bought one this afternoon. It's a cheap fake. It's got nothing electronic about it.. it's got the images of wireless record and play sewn into the hands but no switches or anything. It doesn't have the trademark cloudpet embroidered on the foot.
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