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Xiaomi Mi A2 lite Dual SIM 4GB RAM/64GB £119.99 @
Posted 15th AugPosted 15th Aug
Available in blue and gold colour

@Ken Had a deep dig into settings and the router is running on both frequencies. Your diagnosis of a "poopy head" phone seems accurate today. Earlier this evening the phone dropped 2 viber calls, 1 whatsapp call and 2 proper phone calls (all from the same person) in the course of a 30 min conversation. Not sure how I can convince my friend that I wasn't just hanging up on him but this phones days are numbered! Regards, Ian


Thanks! Gone for this, should be a good jump from my IPhone SE


Have this, no issue with wifi , Andriod pie 9.0


This could just be a settings issue between the phone AND router. On the phone go into the WiFi settings and check to see what frequency the phone is set too, it should be set to "Automatic". The router should be set to transmit to both frequencies 2.5ghz and 5ghz. If both the phone and router are set that way and the problem still persists, then the phone is a poopy head and I don't play with poopy heads.


Thanks Markerton, You have clarified some stuff about the phone's place in the Xiaomi lineup. I had the Mi A1 before and grew to appreciate the virtues of Pure Android and the regular updates. My A1 met an untimely death thus the A2 purchase. The other comments on here about poor Wi Fi ring a bell with me. Most of my calls would be via Viber or Whatsapp and they have been dropping more frequently than ever before. The possibility of it being a WiFi issue had never occurred to me. I would rarely be more than 10 Meters from my Router while making the calls. I might have a play with moving my router about this evening. Regards, Ian

Nokia 3.1 (2018) Android 9 – 2GB RAM/16GB Memory with Free Flip Cover - £89.99 @ Clove
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
5.2" screen with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 1.5 GHz octa-core MT6750N processor 16 GB storage / 2GB RAM / micro SD support 13 MP main camera 8 MP selfie camera with aut… Read more
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italondonistaavataurino Scrolling down you'll see: "Software The best of Android™ Android One brings a Google designed software experience to the Nokia 3.1. Get everything you want and nothing you don’t with a streamlined, easy to use interface and a curated set of pre-installed apps, and free, unlimited high quality photos storage1 with Google Photos. Regular security updates and two years of OS upgrades means that Nokia 3.1 with Android One stays secure and features the latest Google innovations like being optimized for the Google Assistant."


Android 8 Oreo


Has Android One so updated for long


I use it as car navigator and it's not bad overall, a nice looking compact phone. Voted hot


Why cold?, or ...

Xiaomi Redmi 6 3Gb/32gb dual sim in blue £79.99 @ Clove Technology
257° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Lowest ever price for budget model from Xiaomi, blue colour only. Android 8.1 Oreo with Xiaomi MIUI Octa-core MediaTek Helio P22 processor 5.45-inch HD display at 18:9 ratio D… Read more



Best phone you can get for this price


It's a decent price - nice screen (though I found it small) and good battery. But mine was returned - just couldn't get on with Xiaomi's MIUI instead of Android.


Amazing price for a more than capable phone for light users.


They added NFC to Mi8 and higher models.

New Nokia 8 Sirocco 128GB Smartphone | Wireless Charging | Compact Design | Snapdragon 835 - £239.99 @ Clove Technology
942° Expired
Refreshed 30th JunRefreshed 30th Jun
Not a bad price, very cheap new price, in fact probably the cheapest ever. Still one of the best phones I've ever had the pleasure to look, hold and feel, it really was designed… Read more
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Refunded today


No refund either.. Gonna look stupid if they send it out tomorrow, lol.. Already ordered a Pixel 2 which I'll post the deal on here soon when its dispatched


I've still not had a refund, not sure whether to be happy or scared..




Did you use PayPal?

Xiaomi RedMI 6 £84.79 Delivered at CLOVE
156° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
RedMi 6 from Xiaomi offers high-quality smartphone technology at an affordable price. A large 5.5" screen, dual cameras and fingerprint sensor in a sleek body deliver modern standa… Read more
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We live in the era of bigger and bigger phones now and very few phones screens are under 6". Yes that is where the majority of demand is ever since phablets were introduced but there is a demand for smaller phones either from people who come from iphones or those who find bigger phones difficult to use. The Xiaomi redmi 6 (and the 6a) are 5.45 and have physical dimensions similar to that of the samsung S6 (though bigger screen because of smaller bezel). It was designed for the budget market when released in 2018, so won't be cutting edge, more so now but should be available at a decent price though some still have higher than £120 wtf. The redmi 7 is a 6.26" screen much like the redmi note 6 (the note 7 is even bigger than the 7) The Xiaomi Redmi 7a does keep the 5.45 screen size so at least the format isn't been abandoned :D


Cheaper here at £73.87 from CCLOnline


I got my mum one of these as I wanted something cheap but decent enough, since she killed my old Honor 8 phone I gave her. So far it's worked well, even with Miui it's speedy enough day to day for basic tasks. Battery life is so-so, but I set it up with battery saver on, and generally the phone can last a day, with limited use that is, though doubt it'll last all day with extended use. Honestly, for the price you're paying, and with reasonable expectations of the phone based on that, it's not a bad deal. Better phones out there for a little bit more for sure, and I'd always recommend them if possible, but for this cheap of a device it has to get heat


i looked at that find the 7 too big needed a cheap phone thats smallish


Get the 7, this is rubbish mediatek

XIAOMI REDMI 6 DUAL SIM 32GB 3GB - £84.79 @ Clove Technology
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Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
RedMi 6 from Xiaomi offers high-quality smartphone technology at an affordable price. A large 5.5" screen, dual cameras and fingerprint sensor in a sleek body deliver modern standa… Read more
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Yeah. It was no bother. They cancelled it before sending it out.


Any luck?


What's one of those?


Bought one from eBay and it's got a bootloop (I think that's what you call it)


Thanks guys. Going to be testing Clove's cancellation policy!

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 32GB 3GB Black Smartphone £115.80 Delivered @ Clove Technology
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Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
OK, so this post comes with a disclaimer, so I'm hoping they've seen the eroor of their ways since my last posting at this price, please have a flick through this https://www.hotu… Read more

It was a park bench! DAMN YOU MRSWITCH we all knew you took it because you needed me to rate some more of your deals!


So that was yours, I remember thinking shall I chase after him with it, then I had second thoughts and decided to ebay it, paid for a nice night out for me and the missus, so I appreciate you leaving that note 5 on that park bench on that lovely sunny day :)


I loved my Note 5 and then I left it on a bench in central London like a muppet. Am loving my new Pocophone too now! Note 5 is a lot of phone for the money.


I was lucky enough to get one last time. Cracking phone for the money!


Hmm yeah the buy button has disappeared, cheers

Dual Sim HUAWEI P30 128GB ROM 6GB Ram Midnight Black ELE-L09 £635.99 @ Clove
-42° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Dual Sim HUAWEI P30 128GB ROM 6GB Ram Midnight Black ELE-L09 £635.99 @ Clove
Cheapest in the UK sim free? Maybe maybe. Reasons to buy the Huawei P30 Sim Free Android 9.0 (Pie) with Huawei EMUI 9.1 6.1-inch OLED FHD+ Dewdrop display (2340 x 1080) Huawei … Read more

Voted hot. Kirin 980

Xiaomi Mi 9 EU Version 64GB £455 128GB £480 (Smartphone) + More Prices Below @ Clove Technology
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Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Xiaomi Mi 9 EU Version 64GB £455 128GB £480 (Smartphone) + More Prices Below @ Clove Technology
Blue & Black 64GB EU Version At Clove Technology £455 Blue & Black 128GB EU Version At Clove Technology £480 Blue 128GB Version £581.… Read more

£385 in Spain, £110 more here? (lol) Good luck with that. It'll be in a flash sale tomorrow, 64gb £449, 128gb £499.


Goes on sale in UK tomorrow at Mi store... They want £499!!!!!!!!


Had this phone just over a week now so thought I would put together a review for those on the fence. I'm coming from the OnePlus 6t so there will be a fair few comparisons against that, which I think is fair with them been very similar in both their price range, spec and target audience. I paid just under £390 brand new from Amazon Italy. I could have possibly got it for slightly cheaper from say AliExpress or eglobal. But like having Amazon to fall back on (Note: There are actually 2 ‘Global versions’ of this phone. The one from Amazon is the EEA version (European economic area) The ones from eglobal and AliExpress are likely to be the 'standard’ global. There is very little difference in the two as far as I can tell. One thing I do know is that the EEA version must comply with EU regs so you won't be getting any baked in system adverts….. Positives -The screen on this is fantastic. It's 'only’ a 1080 screen, but it's more than enough. Nice colours and does a really good job in bright sunlight. I always have automatic brightness set to on, my old Mi 5 was very 'jerky’ when adjusting brightness, with this mi 9 it's very smooth and you hardly notice it changing. If your not a fan of the default colours you can play around with saturation, and so on. -Build quality / form factor. Again brilliant. It's basically all glass, but feels very sturdy and premium. I'm so glad that Xiaomi hasn't gone down the horrible curved screen setup like Huawei have with their P30 pro. Coming from the 6T it's slightly thinner and slightly lighter. Only by 12g but it certainly seems to make a difference. A few reviews I have seen commented on the camera bump. But what do you expect. I just recommend getting a decent case that has a lip to protect the camera. -Charging, this was something I was a bit apprehensive about coming from dash charge. There was no need!, I bought a QC3 Ravpower charger from Amazon for £8.99 and it powers through. Just did a quick test and got from 5% to 55% in half a hour. Would be even quicker with a 28w Charger -Speed. Damn this thing is fast, again coming from oneplus which has such a focus on speed I half expected a slight drop in fluidity, if anything it’s even snappier (And this is without changing any of the transitions effects which would make it even quicker). I’m not a gamer so can’t really comment on that, but day to say stuff (Opening maps playing music, taking pics) it hasn't slowed down once. -Finger print scanner. Underscreen so never going to be as good as the ‘standard’ ones. I would say definitely quicker than the under display one on the Oneplus 6T. I have however put a glass screen protector on which has slowed it down somewhat, but still very quick and reliable, you also have face unlock which is very fast (Probs sames as the oneplus, and like the oneplus probs not that secure as it just uses the camera) - Camera, Very Very good. Better quality and more options than oneplus, before this I also had the p20 Pro, which as you will know was a very good camera, but I found the Ai mode to be too aggressive, (Would way over saturate and sharpen images) the mi 9 has an Ai mode which works well and isn’t as ott as the p20, (The camera app is also much nicer than the p20, its V similar to Oxygen OS but with more features). It has night mode which is ‘ok’ Gcam works really well, and there is a good active community for it already (Xtreme and Marian two people involved in Gcam dev both have the mi 9 so that's a plus) -Software….. If im been totally honest with myself I still prefer Oxygen OS. However it’s a lot closer than expected, MIUI has matured a lot over the years, it nice to have one handed mode back (Why oneplus refuse to add this I never know!!), plus other features like always on display, a better recents view, and more customisation. With it been miui there are of course a few annoyances……... -Pre installed apps / unnecessary system apps, some can be removed, others just have to be tucked in a corner. -Default apps, initially it likes to push you towards using the system apps, like the built in browser rather than chrome, it’s pretty easy to ‘fix’ but for first time users they may not know they can change -on the home screen you can swipe down on notifications to expand them, however if you have something else open you can’t. You can click on them to open. But can’t swipe down to expand (Very minor) just something i’m used to with OP -There is a bug where notification icons disappear from the top nav bar, this is fixed in a beta and will be in stable soon. -Smart Unlock / trusted devices does not work with non Xiaomi devices. For example on my OP6T it would auto unlock when connected to my cars bluetooth. However Xiaomi block this, so I can no longer say ‘ok google navigate home’ unless my device is locked. Not a deal breaker but it was handy. In summary an excellent phone for under £400 to say that the samsung Galaxy s10 is double the price with a worse processor (If you don’t get the Snapdragon one) is pretty shocking. Think that covers most points but if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.




Is it just me who thinks this is very, very similar to a OnePlus?

Pre Order The New Samsung Galaxy A Range - A20E £180 / A70 £392.99 & A80 £616 @ Clove Technology
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Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
The new A series is available for pre order from Clove, with the standout phone (not for price) being th A80 with its swivel camera, looks awesome and something I'm surprised to se… Read more

I'd say they would, trade in on phones, Or a toilet roll? :D I have plenty of them


A70 for me - I had a Lenovo P2 and made the mistake of switching to a nokia 7 plus - which has been an ok phone but I need MOAR battery. Samsung has been doing a £50 trade-in on any phone (I've got some junk here) for the a50 so wonder if we will see this for the A70.


compared to xiaomi phones the samsung A20e should be no more than £100


Not for the Samsung A80, the link takes you to the A70


Why is the photo you added to this post different to Clove”s website ?

Nokia 7.1 3GB 32GB Smartphone + Free Case Cover £160 @ Clove Technology
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Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Nokia 7.1 3GB 32GB Smartphone + Free Case Cover £160 @ Clove Technology
Good price for the phone, made even sweeter with the free case thrown in to keep your shiny new phone nice and protected, well at least until you get your fancy one from ebay or al… Read more

No, raised the price from m a couple days ago when I posted it :)


£171.20 including VAT and delivery, unless I'm missing something obvious?


Recently bought this, it's a great phone for the money


Very good-looking phone, reasonably compact


No, just no eglobal deals today because I know what they entail. Endless exchanges that I haven't got time with today (lol)

Honor View 20 PCT-L29 256GB Blue (Misprice?) £449 @ Clove Technology
165° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Honor View 20 PCT-L29 256GB Blue (Misprice?) £449 @ Clove Technology
I'd say this is a mis price, unsure if it will be fulfilled. As the 128gb is £449 currently, the cheapest it has ever ever been, and the 256gb has been no lower than £569. If you … Read more

Kirin 980 <3


I could hazard a guess ;)




Ebay, business seller, very good to deal with actually. Bit disappointed, but knew the risk.


Voted hot

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10E DUAL SIM All Colours EU Model £608.44 @ Clove Technology
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Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
SAMSUNG GALAXY S10E DUAL SIM All Colours EU Model £608.44 @ Clove Technology
Not a bad price for a uk sourced model, will come with an EU plug, this is the EU variant. Box contents Samsung Galaxy S10e - SIM Free, factory unlocked Premium Harman AKG headph… Read more

No worries :)


Thank you, you've been very helpful. :)


Never needed warranty on any phone ever, that's not to say I wouldn't in the future, plus as an added bonus I have nationwide flex plus which covers me anyway.


And did the lack of warranty ever bite you in the butt? I've only ever needed the warranty for my phone once in the past decade, and then it turned out to be worthless anyway because they wouldn't fix it, so I'm leaning towards 'the warranty doesn't matter much.'


I've bought a few phones in my time, never had a hiccup yet, but if you pay by either PayPal or credit card, then you are generally covered for most eventualities

Samsung Galaxy A40 4GB 64GB ALL Colours £233.99 @ Clove Technology
243° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Good price, same price as amazon Spain, but from a uk supplier, so csnt be bad. Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy A40 Android 9 (Pie) with One UI 5.9-inch 1080 x 2340 Super AMOLED In… Read more

It's a good size but I've got used to Xiaomi prices. It's a shame Xiaomi don't make phones this size anymore.


cpu seems to be a match for the Snapdragon 636 phones


Does anyone know how this phone will stack up against the Samsung s8 plus


Good point actually, due to the small bezel's the phone is only 144.3 x 69.1 x 7.9 mm Seems a good option.


This, only 2mm taller than xa2

SAMSUNG GALAXY A50 4GB/128GB 4000mah Battery NFC 3 Colours £299.99 @ Clove
229° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Good to see a uk sourced A50, non eglobal (£249) non amazon Spain (324) The specs state NFC for anyone wanting to know, Samsung pay won't work. Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy A50 … Read more

Does this come with wireless charging? Kids mess up the ports so want a wireless device next!


A70 out soon.


Hmm... I'll change op. Cheers


Interestingly the website now says all models are 4gb RAM...


Yeah, that's a lot! But you could get used to it - many do very quickly & don't look back. Do you have a friend/relative/neighbour who has a large phone that you could perhaps play around with for a little while & check if it fits in your pocket? I'd be sold with any suitably-specced large phone that fitted in my trousers' pocket!

Landrover Explore Android Smartphone - with free adventure pack £399 @ Clove Technology
-65° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st MarLocalLocal
Landrover Explore Android Smartphone - with free adventure pack £399 @ Clove Technology
This android smartphone is large and powerful and with the free adventure pack has an added GPS receiver and 7000Mah battery. Now great value from Clove Fantastic smartphone now a… Read more
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the spec of the phone is shocking , its running Android 7.1 Nougat with scheduled 8.0 Oreo updatealso it has a 4000mAh Battery Not 7000 as stated in the title im sure £400 could buy something much more powerful. and with a better bigger screen.


Still a good deal


£399 for the logo.


Looks like one of those things delivery drivers carry round, and for that, I've voted hot (shock)

83° Expired
Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Little bit cheaper than an S10e? I'd have this! Excellent price for a brand new, with a free airless charging pad thrown in. Best sim free price I've ever seen from a uk suppli… Read more

I bought a Note 9 from them - came from Luxemborg and took nearly a week. Good communication and info - would recommend.


What's the company like?


Over £100 cheaper here and with UK warranty


Good retailer


Awesome! That'll teach me to not click through to the link (read the model no in description!). Thanks @Mrswitch

XIAOMI REDMI 6 DUAL SIM In Black £115 32GB / £157 64GB @ Clove Technology
152° Expired
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
XIAOMI REDMI 6 DUAL SIM In Black £115 32GB / £157 64GB @ Clove Technology
Great prices here for the 32gb and 64gb Dual Sim models. Hopefully they have plenty of stock, though these won't be as popular as the redmi note i posted a couple weeks ago. Very… Read more

On a similar note to my immediate above ... I remember reading somewhere (earlier Today), that either the Xiaomi A2, or Xiaomi A2 Lite, is a rebranded Xiaomi Note 6/Xiaomi Note 6 Pro, or something?. How confusing is that?. :-( Loooooooool.


Yeh, I remember a few conversations highlighting such crazy ka faffles like this the back end of last Year too, etc, hmmmmmmmmmmmm. A phone called abc, should remain as abc ... It literally confuses the hell out of everyone when it's rebranded as phone xyz somewhere else, or whatever?. For essentially the exact same sodding thing ... :-(


This , or the m1 a2 lite ??... the lite has a bigger battery , not bothered about the storage, just a medium/small sized phone. :/ Which has the most up to date OS ? as I'll probably keep it for years 4+


Yep, that sums it up EXACTLY. I was about the forth or 5th to order.


I know. First come first served doesn 't apply to their business model. People got phones that ordered 2 days after me then they offer a paltry 5 off. Whatever 5 was! 5% or £5. I do not know. Awful.

Nokia 8.1 Unlocked - £359 @ Clove Technology
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Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Nokia 8.1 Unlocked - £359 @ Clove Technology
Been watching this for a while and noticed Clove has knocked £20 off the RRP.



Selfie worshippers + beauty algorithm devotees


Life, in reverse


Why does it need to be so high resolution?


Instagram mate.

Pre Order - Nokia 4.2 3GB 32GB - Nokia 9 PureView 128GB £549 + Free Earbuds - Nokia 3.2 16GB 2GB £139 @ Clove
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Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Pre Order - Nokia 4.2 3GB 32GB - Nokia 9 PureView 128GB £549 + Free Earbuds - Nokia 3.2 16GB 2GB £139 @ Clove
3 good prices, the 9 PureView is there incase you can't get the Buds at Nokia. Though it may still be the same offer (500 units) All android one, all with cashback at topcashback … Read more

I'd pay 549 for the pure view, but won't pay 549 for the pure view plus ear buds lottery ticket


***ATTENTION HUKD DEAL SEEKERS*** According to official weather service, Storm Freya will hit tomorrow (Some of us already experienced full force of her character)


Totally agree!


4.2 sounds like a good phone, until you get to the processor! SD 400 series for £180!! With the 7.1 costing just a little more is a much better prospect Edit: Actually this price is still live @Mrswitch deal from the other day. Same price £179. Go for this instead!


Only if Nokia 9 had SD855 (annoyed)