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Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite 64GB 4GB Dual Sim 5000mAh - £137.62 @ Clove Technology
Posted 25th AugPosted 25th Aug
They also have the Moto G 5g plus at £274 if you're currently on the lookout for that With its triple-lens camera system and long-lasting 5,000 mAh battery. The Moto G8 Power Lit… Read more

Bit cheaper here:


Mr Wedge has fixed the link - nice £12 saving over argos. Returns always easier if people prefer them than online. Got a friend one and he is very happy with spec.


Doesn't have NFC which is a little disappointing. Especially given the increased adoption of contractors payment. Useful being able to use a phone and not have to carry a card.


I'm told someone has done a quick fix on this deal so it should work.


I can't say I have matey

Sony Xperia 1 II Single SIM / Black / 256GB - 8GB RAM Smartphone + Sony WENA Wrist Pro Strap + WENA Wrist Mechanical Head - £1089.98 @ Clove
Posted 20th AugPosted 20th Aug
These watches are damned expensive (shock) Sony Xperia 1 II - Overview With the Sony Xperia 1 II, you have a smartphone benefiting from Sony expertise in both visual and audio.… Read more

The (£230) watch face is cheaper than the Bracelet and the bracelet is £250. An Amazon seller sells both for £370 sometimes. The quartz and solar quartz are a great option from <£49 just make your own bracelet setup.


It's subjective opinion really. I wouldn't even have a UK Samsung S20 Ultra over this Sony. I've not bought the new version only because it's single SIM only in the UK. Otherwise, I'd already own one XD


(lol) Good luck.


Definitely my next phone... once it's half price or £199 like the xperia 1 (flirt)


A good video for those confused about why the Snapdragon differences against an Exynos: During the recent heat, my S20 got so hot and almost unbearable to hold!

Nokia 6.2 UK Model - Dual SIM Ceramic Black 64GB + 4GB Ram Smartphone - £159.98 Delivered @ Clove Technology
374° Expired
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Nokia 6.2 UK Model - Dual SIM Ceramic Black 64GB + 4GB Ram Smartphone - £159.98 Delivered @ Clove Technology£159.98 Free P&P Free
Good price for the 64GB 4GB version, £20 more than the 3GB 32GB which imo is worth it :) Nokia 6.2 – Overview Upgrade your View With an array of improvements to the specifi… Read more

Good luck Fatboy, you'll need to loosen the purse strings considerably for the 8.3


Good phone but no fast charging.. 10w charge only.. Deal breaker for me. Will wait for the nokia 8.3 5g


I'd love if Nokia did a more compact phone around 5" or even less like the xz compact range.


IMO the 5.3 is a better phone for less money. I think the 6.2 might have a better screen though? Even on the official Nokia forum people are questioning the point of the 6.2 since the 5.3 has been released, and for only £30 more than this the 7.2 is a worthy bump up in terms of cameras and processor.


Good phone this, with decent battery life. Looks very similar to the Redmi Note 8T and Moto Power Lite G8 Pro Lo Plus Mini :D The big plus here is Android One - it's about a year old now, but still guaranteed two more years of security updates and a major OS release upgrade. 7.2 has better CPU and cameras IIRC.

Nokia 6.2 32GB + 3GB RAM Ceramic Black Single SIM Smartphone - £139.99 @ Clove Technology
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Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Nokia 6.2 32GB + 3GB RAM Ceramic Black Single SIM Smartphone - £139.99 @ Clove Technology£139.99 Free P&P Free
Top specs: Android 9 (Pie) Android One: guaranteed system updates (2 yrs) & security patches (3yrs) 6.3" Full HD PureDisplay screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Qualcomm … Read more

I can't help but feel the 5.3 is better value at only a tenner more - if this had been £100 it'd be a tough choice between the two. Nokia probably should have priced the 5.3 twenty or thirty quid higher but they didn't so that's the one I'd recommend over this.


Oops, copying and pasting at its finest there XD


@MrSwitch your description says 4GB RAM and 64GB storage


Since yesterday there...shame it is not 4gb model Heat added (y)

Huawei P40 Lite E + Free Huawei Band 4 | 64GB 4GB Dual Sim 4000mAh Smartphone - £171.98 @ Clove Technology
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Huawei P40 Lite E + Free Huawei Band 4 | 64GB 4GB Dual Sim 4000mAh Smartphone - £171.98 @ Clove Technology£171.98 Free P&P Free
Claim here Huawei P40 Lite e – Overview Purchase a Huawei P40 Lite e and claim a free Huawei Band 4 (Please see the full terms and conditions below). This product is not sup… Read more

CAn you easily side load apps on this phone?



Need to upgrade my 6t with a bigger screen phone any suggestions


Reliable, UK seller, not as good as Amazon etc. Obviously :D


A lot of tech for the money. Any word on the retailer regards returns/reliability etc?

Samsung Galaxy A21s 32GB 3GB Smartphone 5000mAh Battery - £179.05 Delivered @ Clove Technology
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Samsung Galaxy A21s 32GB 3GB Smartphone 5000mAh Battery - £179.05 Delivered @ Clove Technology£179.05 Free P&P Free
I genuinely don't know the RRP of this phone, but disregarding ram and storage, it seems like another excellent budget entry for Samsung, adding another massive battery to a cheap … Read more

Seems to be quite a bit slower than even a 665, Pretty much what i expected from a samsung tbh as they never had decent RRP prices for their budget phones. Definitely go for something like a Note 9S for just £20 more with the 720G and 1080P display


This doesn't seem that great a deal at the moment with those specs, I'd expect this to drop in price pretty sharply and get to close to £100 quite soon. Sorry Switcheroo, but this isn't one of your good ones imho.


Honor 10 is OK, getting a bit long in the tooth now. What about a Google pixel 3/3a/xl?


More of the screen size so something around 6 inch or below honor 10 looks nice


There's a load, is it just a budget brand you're after like a xiaomi, maybe look into the honor 10 lite or something like that? The Xiaomi mi 9 lite?

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Oppo Reno - UK Model - Dual SIM / Jet Black / 256GB + 6GB RAM - £229 delivered @ Clove Technology
388° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Oppo Reno - UK Model - Dual SIM / Jet Black / 256GB + 6GB RAM - £229 delivered @ Clove Technology£229 Free P&P Free
Fantastic price for this shark fin camera Smartphone, make the most of this full immersive display, as they are a dying breed :( times The standout feature of the Oppo Reno is … Read more

No problem, you're very welcome :)


Cheers MrSwitch! I often follow your posts on here. My daughter, 15 years old, dropped her 7 month old Honor 10 for the second time last week. First time - managed to jam the volume button into the phone case, so would not reboot when she, obviously, ran the battery to flat using 'Social Mediaaa'. Managed to unjam it with a Stanley knife. Second time, screen is cracked, but still working. For now. Apparently, decent phone cases are for 'old people'. Bloody kids...... Anyways - she can have my Huawei P20. It's been a great phone. Pretty much the same as the Honor 10, I think. Liking the look of this phone. No visible selfie camera. Good. I'm beyond the selfie generation. Big clear display - great. Would never watch movies on a 6-7" display, but helps with my eyesight!! Also, do not like rear fingerprint sensors. Make no sense. Front, in screen, or power button for me. Not too bothered about the processor - I don't play games on a phone. So, heat added, thanks again, ordered.......


Still a cracking looking phone, the 710 is a little long in the tooth but will still get the job done. Heat added for a properly built metal and glass phone from OPPO, it's not very often you can say that nowadays.


Yeah, definitely a mid range beast even without it tbh


If this would onlny have 90hz screen

LG K61 128GB 4GB Dual Sim Smartphone 4000mAh Battery - £229.98 @ Clove Technology
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Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
LG K61 128GB 4GB Dual Sim Smartphone 4000mAh Battery - £229.98 @ Clove Technology£229.98 Free P&P Free
Seems like a decent entry by LG, decent chipset mediatek helio p35, big battery and big storage. With its 48MP quad-camera array, the LG K61 offers a significant improvement in c… Read more

I was waiting for your comment :D Took you a while, you're slacking my friend


Lmao. P35 for that price when 720g and g90t phones exist with better batteries and cameras. (Realme 6, Note 9S, etc) You would have to be out of your mind to purchase this


More like sd 625 according to benchmarks.


Snapdragon 660


P35 for over £200? Similar performance with older SD 600 series.

Nokia 5.3 64GB Smartphone (Snapdragon 655 / Dual Sim / 4GB RAM / 4000mAh Battery) £149.99 Delivered @ Clove Technology
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Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Nokia 5.3 64GB Smartphone (Snapdragon 655 / Dual Sim / 4GB RAM / 4000mAh Battery) £149.99 Delivered @ Clove Technology£149.99
Back in stock and a decent budget phone with a stock android 10 experience :) Go big, go beyond - Nokia 5.3 When viewing images, watching movies or playing games it is gre… Read more

carbon series slim armor case is the one to get. grandpa wallet or condom if you can't wait.


Anyone found a case that's not a wallet for this yet?


Spit the tea out lol that was.


Voting cold because of an 'old brand' (lol).


Went for charcoal instead of cancelling or waiting until July for Sand/Cyan. Feels different to its predecessor, 5.1 plus. Screen is huge, phone is thin and very light. Love it so far. Sold 5.1 plus on eBay in one day. That's Nokia: bulletproof.

New Nintendo Switch Lite - Grey Console - £179.99 @ Clove Technology
655° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
New Nintendo Switch Lite - Grey Console - £179.99 @ Clove Technology£179.99£199.8510% Free P&P Free
Feels like a decent price to me Grey The Nintendo Switch Lite is a lightweight and compact addition to the Nintendo Switch family. It features integrated controls, making it idea… Read more

Been this price for 8 hours.


Very quickly, free advertising then ;)


What you are missing is, the price has went up :D


£199.19 I’m missing something?


Tried a random companys vat number it validated it but did not deduct vat

Samsung Galaxy A80 128GB Smartphone | Angel Gold 8GB Ram - £280 Delivered @ Clove Technology
377° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Samsung Galaxy A80 128GB Smartphone | Angel Gold 8GB Ram - £280 Delivered @ Clove Technology£280£3099% Free P&P Free
Gold colour, which is more rose gold With its unique rotating triple-lens camera the Samsung Galaxy A80 is the perfect smartphone for capturing epic photos. Whether you are wanti… Read more

I have this phone and although the camera is fab and the full screen is great for viewing the speaker is under the screen and makes it hard to hear people and it increases who else can hear them during a call. The fingerprint scanner is the worst I've used in phones and the Performance is ok. I regret getting it on contract but would happily pay this price for it.


Thanks! Nice to hear from a genuine owner. Yeah that's why I was steering away from S10 Lite I didn't think the processor seemed that much better compared to M31. Battery was 1500mAh less. And I lose my 3.5mm headphone socket :'-( Wireless charging isn't a priority but be nice to have. No so bothered by plastic. I used to keep my phones pristine but both my S7 Edge and M20 look like they've done tours in Afghanistan :'-( My wife's bad for water damage but touch wood I've never wrecked a phone like that. I like this A80 and again it's be nice to have a glass backed more premium feeling phone again. But the lack of MicroSD is a deal breaker. If I can't use my 256GB MicroSD which is almost full it's a no go. I had considered a cheap Pixel as I'd love the Vanilla experience but the above MicroSD kills it and my wife and I rather foolishly used Samsung apps for calendar sharing and all.


Speed is the biggest problem with these Samsung A's and M's. More so the M30s / M31 as Exynos has been performing pretty poorly lately and while this A80's Qualcomm 730 is A76 based, the frequency is a bit low.

S10lite also has no 3.5mm jack. No wireless charging, no protection against dust&water, plastic body, can't change screen resolution etc etc etc. I'm selling mine on ebay for 399.


GSMarena don't always get it right, so it may be misinformation, I generally let people do their own research, and 9 times out of 10, the phones I post, someone (an owner) comments within the thread with 'real information'

Sony Xperia L4 64GB 3GB Smartphone |Black & Single Sim - £169.99 @ Clove Technology
291° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Sony Xperia L4 64GB 3GB Smartphone |Black & Single Sim - £169.99 @ Clove Technology£169.99 Free P&P Free
Now in its fourth iteration, the Sony Xperia L range continues to offer great value. Offering effortless style, with a sophisticated look which is so easy to use, it can be used wi… Read more

A word of warning with clove technology.Just my dealings with them so up to you guys . Purchased the mi mix 2s beginning of Feb on deal on here. It developed faults like freezing and shutting off .Clove technology didn't want anything to do with it other than point me to Xiaomi UK even when I told them my contract was with them not Xiaomi .Paid with PayPal so ended up putting claim in with them .Despite me returning phone to clove they still haven't issued a refund or indeed even communicated .Still waiting on PayPal as well despite my evidence it's been returned and signed for over a week ago . Personally wouldn't touch Clove again but good luck if you go with them.


Mine is playing well atm. But stutter under pressure, but to be expected.


Agreed Ive had one since Jan and find no issues.


I'd like to go for this but there are no real reviews out yet... I have an L1 right now, its abit slow but the screen is good. Bizzarely the L1 screen is way brighter than the L2 which is why I chose an L1


Some good news at last. They screwed up why didn't they just apologise and promise a future fix, instead they just stay silent ignoring all the unhappy customers. With 9 on, my phone was brilliant and over night it went to complete crap. If apple had done this people would be dragging them through the courts.

Nokia 5.3 64GB Smartphone | Snapdragon 655 | Dual Sim | 4GB RAM | 4000mAh Battery - £149.99 @ Clove Technology
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Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Nokia 5.3 64GB Smartphone | Snapdragon 655 | Dual Sim | 4GB RAM | 4000mAh Battery - £149.99 @ Clove Technology£149.99 Free P&P Free
Apart from that HD+ display, this actually looks pretty decent for a budget Smartphone When viewing images, watching movies or playing games it is great to have a large and cl… Read more

I ordered the Cyan one. July is a long way off for an April order. Thank you for the update. Hope the cancellation procedure goes smoothly.


Damn, sorry man.


Clove have announced that only stock of boring black will be available mid-May. The two more interesting colours won't arrive until some point in July and I'm not prepared to wait for three months being as I paid mid-April, so I've cancelled my order. Maybe later in the year (black Friday?) if it's the same price or lower I might buy one then.



Nintendo is a game console for little kids. And the graphics look like something from the 1980s with that low resolution. You certainly wouldn't want that resolution on a phone when you're paying £150 for it.

Nokia 5310 (2020) - UK Model - Dual SIM / White/Red / 16MB + 8MB RAM £34.99 Delivered @ Clove Technology
441° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Nokia 5310 (2020) - UK Model - Dual SIM / White/Red / 16MB + 8MB RAM £34.99 Delivered @ Clove Technology£34.99£49.9930%
From the 1st May you can pick this new Nokia up. Nokia continues to offer us the ability to enjoy retro classic phones, with all new refreshed designs. The Nokia 5310 (2020) lik… Read more

Now in stock but adding £2.50 for Royal Mail 1st Class, total £37.99. Think I’ll pass on it for now.


Thanks Mr. Switch, wireless FM radio phones are definitely the future after this zombie apocalypse is finished. Roll on 2nd of May. (y)


I'll play Snake till then.


Except i aint seeing no dead people walking around.. yet.


Just in time for the zombie apocalypse

Nokia 8.3 5G - UK Model - Single SIM - Polar Night - 64GB 6GB Smartphone £499.98 @ Clove Technology
192° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Nokia 8.3 5G - UK Model - Single SIM - Polar Night - 64GB 6GB Smartphone £499.98 @ Clove Technology£499.98
Reported rrp prices were £550 for this, whether that strikes good value at a shade under 500 is for you to answer in the voting. Elevate your creativity with the Nokia 8.3 5G. … Read more

Doesn't seem that EE will be stocking this 😔


If you don't think the system which got him elected is an issue. Then why mention that he didn't win the popular vote? If you're happy with the system, then the popular vote is irrelevant and was strange to bring up. I can't be bothered to continue this as it's way off topic and it really doesn't matter. He was elected, he is the president and neither of our opinions are going to change either of those facts


What is going on here? (confused)


That Hitler thing is hilarious. Harold Shipman was a qualified doctor. That fact doesn't diminish other doctors in any way though. Similarly Hitler being elected doesn't diminish elections in any way. Trump won the White House in exactly the same way as every president before him. I don't remember the system being called an issue before.


Hitler was voted for democratically.... and for clarity I'm not comparing them, just making the point that being voted for doesn't make him right or any good. And Trump didn't win the popular vote either. Democracy has many forms, it's 2020 and we haven't perfected it, let's face it.

Samsung Galaxy A40 - UK Model - Dual SIM / Blue / 64GB + 4GB Ram £169.98 | A50 £239.99 @ Clove
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Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Samsung Galaxy A40 - UK Model - Dual SIM / Blue / 64GB + 4GB Ram £169.98 | A50 £239.99 @ Clove£169.98£18910%
Decent price for new, cheapest as well The Samsung Galaxy A40 has 5.9” Infinity-U Display and Dual rear cameras allowing you to unlock your creativity. It is a stunning smartphone… Read more

Just for the record I bought the mi mix2 s from this company just 7 weeks ago . unfortunately it's developed numerous faults and the company have been very poor to deal with . Initially washed their hands with it and pointed me straight to Xiaomi and still REFUSING to send a pre paid return label for faulty goods. PayPal involved now but it's a long drawn out affair and how many can wait 8 weeks plus without your phone .buying somewhere else and insisting PayPal refund as a 8 week wait advised by clove not acceptable.


Hmmm I'll keep it for the time being, just waiting for the right deal at the right £


Might be better than a cracked one. No where near as good as one that isn't cracked though! Can't compare an (admittedly oldish) flagship with a lower midrange / budget phone.


Flagship beating resolution!


How'd does this compare to my cracked s9 ? In real terms is it a like for like, better or worse

New Google Pixel 3a 64GB £269.99 | Pixel 3a XL 64GB £299.99 Smartphone @ Clove Technology
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Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
New Google Pixel 3a 64GB £269.99 | Pixel 3a XL 64GB £299.99 Smartphone @ Clove Technology£269.99
Great prices here The Google Pixel 3a XL offers the Pixel experience to a greater number of people… Read more
doublevision Clearly white 3a XL seems still to be in stock.




That's an excellent price, just had a look, shame they are all gone.




Are these brand new ones?

Google Pixel 3XL Just Black £329.99 foe the 64GB and £359.99 for the 128GB at Clove Technology
362° Expired
Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Google Pixel 3XL Just Black £329.99 foe the 64GB and £359.99 for the 128GB at Clove Technology
Reasons to buy Google Pixel 3 XL Unlocked Ships with Android 9.0 Pie - guaranteed system & security updates for 3 years Updated Google Assistant built in - intelligently resp… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

What? You have managed to order one now you received an order cancelled email? (confused) (shock)


EDIT 2: No stock, order cancelled :(


Out of Stock Guys!


You lucky duck (y)


128GB available, just ordered Edit ... looks like I got the last one

Huawei P30 Pro Single SIM 128GB / 8GB in Black or Aurora £550 (£430 with casback) at Clove Technology
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Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Huawei P30 Pro Single SIM 128GB / 8GB in Black or Aurora £550 (£430 with casback) at Clove Technology£550£5897%
I think I do not need to introduce this badboy. Great device, excellent camera and battery life and beautiful amoled screen. :) If someone does not heard about this phone, here i… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks mate. Yeah I had Spigen with previous phone and found them very good so bought for my new P30. Some cheaper alternatives but I'm always a bit wary.


Always Spigen when it comes to back covers: Spigen [Rugged Armor] Case Compatible for Huawei P30 PRO, Original Patent Design Flexible Black TPU Slim Camera Protection Ergonomic Grip Phone Cover for Huawei P30 PRO Case


Anyone got recommendations for a good flip case and also a back cover (mine is black - Fonehouse deal)? Amazing phone and loving it.


I ordered Monday, delivered Thursday (after chasing them Wednesday). Can't fault the service as delivered via trackable UPS and phone is great.


That's good We ordered Thursday and have heard nothing

Xiaomi Poco F1 6Gb/64Gb at - £179.99
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Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Xiaomi Poco F1 6Gb/64Gb at - £179.99£179.99
The lowest price from the UK seller at the moment

Its 3400 mAh as far I'm aware. Still less than ideal but better than some recent phones from Google or Sony.


Theres so many choices of phones, there have been some that are really good spec but the battery is just too small for my liking. I think phones this size and spec should be at least 4000 mah (like this). Any opinions on a 128GB version USED for £140 with 12 month warranty?


The global version yes, I'm on iD and O2




I've not noticed any significant battery drain and I've been using GPS (maps/android auto) while driving for traffic info (and music). In terms of battery usage my last full charge was 1d 1hr 30min with 3 hrs remaining (unlikely cos its at 10%). A new feature in Android 10 is that it periodically gives you notifications to inform you of apps using GPS and asking you to specify when they can use it, that's nice. I'm using MIUI on full screen mode, edge swiping isn't as responsive, it's like it doesn't catch the edge as well as before and ends up inserting text from SwiftKey (flow and quick text), I'm going turn off Flow though as I done use it anyway, and potentially the issue is with SwiftKey itself. I've not been using dual sim so can't comment on that side of things.