clover spread 500g original and lighter (both have amazing taste) @ morrisons £1.04

clover spread 500g original and lighter (both have amazing taste) @ morrisons £1.04

Found 9th Feb 2009
i went into my local morrisons in whitefield and saw my favourate spread at a good cheap price (it has been cheaper in the past but at the present i cant find it for any less)am not sure if any other morrisons have it for the same price ...

clover /clover lighter 500g

£1.04 each

i love toast expecially with clover spread and ever since i tried clover for the 1st time i never turned back to any other brand

clover original - CHURNED FOR TASTE. Half the saturated fat of butter. No Hydrogenated Oils. 75% fat spread with fresh buttermilk and vegetable oils. Clover is the only spread churned for taste

NEW clover lightern- CHURNED FOR TASTE. 30% LESS FAT*. Blended spread 49% with butter and vegetable oils. Clover Lighter is perfect for the whole family. *30% less fat than standard Clover. Less than half the saturated fat of butter. Natural colour & flavour. No hydrogenated fats. Virtually trans fat free


Is in my local as well not a good price really as as you said quite often cheaper best to stock up when they are half price but voted warm


Good price to me, not many deals on marge these days..... I bought the light version from somerfield for £1.39 and it was 33% off so this is pretty decent.

Although BOGOF would be better so voted warm

Agree with the above posts, this only deserves a warm vote and not a hot one...

I think that I will be opting for the lighter version after seeing the Food Standards "Fat Ad" on TV. Scary stuff. Good post though.

shame its a pain in the bum to spread from the fridge as it is nice.

in Tesco's on monday morning, they were selling the lighter clover for 87p each for the 500g box. I got 2
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