Cloverfield [Blu-ray] £7.98 at Amazon
Cloverfield [Blu-ray] £7.98 at Amazon

Cloverfield [Blu-ray] £7.98 at Amazon

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One of the first things a viewer notices about Cloverfield is that it doesn't play by ordinary storytelling rules, making this intriguing horror film as much a novelty as an event. Told from the vertiginous point-of-view of a camcorder-wielding group of friends, Cloverfield begins like a primetime television soap opera about young Manhattanites coping with changes in their personal lives. Rob (Michael Stahl-David) is leaving New York to take an executive job at a company in Japan. At his goodbye party in a crowded loft, Robs brother Jason (Mike Vogel) hands a camcorder to best friend Hud (T.J. Miller), who proceeds to tape the proceedings over old footage of Robs ex-girlfriend, Beth (Odette Yustman)--images shot during happy times in that now-defunct relationship. Naturally, Beth shows up at the party with a new beau, bumming Rob out completely. Just before one's eyes glaze over from all this heartbreaking stuff (captured by Hud, who's something of a doofus, in laughably shaky camerawork), the unexpected happens: New York is suddenly under attack from a Godzilla-like monster stomping through midtown and destroying everything and everybody in sight. Rob and company hit the streets, but rather than run with other evacuees, they head toward the center of the storm so that Rob can rescue an injured Beth. There are casualties along the way, but the journey into fear is fascinating and immediate if emotionally remote--a consequence of seeing these proceedings through the singular, subjective perspective of a camcorder and of a story that intentionally leaves major questions unanswered: Who or what is this monster? Where did it come from? The lack of a backstory, and spare views of the marauding creature, are clever ways by producer J.J. Abrams and director Matt Reeves to keep an audience focused exclusively on whats on the screen. But it also makes Cloverfield curiously uninvolving. Ultimately, Cloverfield, with its spectacular effects brilliantly woven into a home-video look, is a celebration of infinite possibilities in this age of accessible, digital media.


Given it was filmed as through a camcorder, does Blu-ray improve the film?

Thought it was OK, but a bit of a strange film tbh, not a fan of the camcorder style filming and was quite short as if they'd forgotten to finish it!
But at £8 it's the same price as a normal dvd so it's worth buying:thumbsup:

Why expired and why cold? It's still available and I can't see any cheaper. Some people don't really understand the whole hot deal thing... it goes on price, not what you think of the film...

Had to comment..........good deal possibly but WORST FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN in my life AVOIDDDDDDDDDDD..................

Can i just say thought before you watch this make sure you have your tv tuned right as it can look grainy if you done
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