Cloverfield (Blu-ray) @ Play - £5.99 Delivered
Cloverfield (Blu-ray) @ Play - £5.99 Delivered

Cloverfield (Blu-ray) @ Play - £5.99 Delivered

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Bit of a marmite film, but I loved it, great monster flick.

If you're feeling adventurous, this is also available on PlayTrade for £5.22 (delivered). I hope this helps someone.


Seems like a decent price. I loved it too, I can't understand why some people hate it with a passion. I don't see why people presumably expected a huge amount of depth and great dialogue for something that's clearly a no nonsense "popcorn" movie, and it does it very well. Sit back, switch your brain off for a few hours and enjoy

And for the people without blu-ray, play also have the 2-disc version on DVD for £3.99.

Stupid film, I got it on DVD when it first came out and actually binned it after watching it.

Well that was a bit silly, you could have sold it or given it to someone who'd enjoy it!

Like ChrisIW, I'm always a bit baffled by what people were expecting from this. It's a popcorn flick.

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Yeah, but if we all liked the same thing we'd have nothing to talk (read: argue) about

Personally, it was exactly what I'd always wanted to see in a monster movie (doesn't mean I especially need a sequel though)

favourite film ever......... well after jurassic park:D

Great price, but Godzilla > Cloverfield. Jean Reno = legend.

overhyped trash - think godzilla, but where you aren't allowed to see godzilla for most of the movie.

Watched once on DVD, and never again

Will be £5.98 wasted.

Slightly better than Blair Witch movie. The acting was equally bad though. More wooden than a wooden wood factory that's just had a wood makeover.

I went to see this at the cinema and people actually started walking out after about half an hour! The only good thing about this movie is that it's incredibly short but it's still painful while it lasts. One of the worst movies ever in my opinion.

What a terrible film...

Top film and quality sound effects are awesome.
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Quality film, I really dont get the vitriol

Decent Blu ray too

Cheers OP

sorry but i hate this movie, guy with the camera is so annoying and i had a migrain after watching it, but great price for a bluray and any fans of the movie
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