Cloverfield DVD. £2.95 Delivered @ Zavvi

Cloverfield DVD. £2.95 Delivered @ Zavvi

Found 1st Mar 2010
From visionary producer J.J. Abrams (Lost) and director Matt Reeves comes the worldwide sensation of nonstop terror and suspense everyone is talking about.


About the right price for a crap film.

decent story but didnt like the way it was filmed, blags your head after a while

£2 in store at Blockbuster.


About the right price for a crap film.

Chortle Chortle, Worra Plonker!

I must admit, when I saw it I was prepared for a terrible movie due to the negative reviews I'd was actually very good. The hand-held technique made it quite claustrophobic and some of the effects were outstanding!

...give it a go for this price, you might like it, you might not., just don't set too much store by internet reviews...there are a lot of ignorant, immature d1ckheads out there, why would you base anything on what they say???

Chortle Chortle, Worra Plonker!

IMO £2:95 is a good price for a DVD, IMO it's a crap film you immature opinionated plonker :whistling:
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