Clubbed [Blu-ray] [2008] from Amazon for £4.97 del.

Clubbed [Blu-ray] [2008] from Amazon for £4.97 del.

Found 27th Jan 2010Made hot 28th Jan 2010
Great Price.

Product Description

Based on the international best selling book by Bafta winning writer Geoff Thompson, Clubbed is a journey thtough family and fear set in the violent world of 1980's clubland.

Danny - a lonely factory worker, intimidated by life - is battered and humiliated in front of his kids in a random act of violence. His already bleak existence sinks further into the abyss. On the verge of total breakdown he decides to fight back.

He meets a group of night-club doormen who take him in and give him the confidence to stand his ground. As he is drawn deeper into their world he becomes embroiled with the local gang boss, setting in motion a train of events with shockingly brutal consequences.
In this British thriller, Danny (Mel Raido, DERAILED) is desperate to prove his strength to his wife and kids. His small salary can barely take care of them, then the humiliation increases when his children see him attacked. To get back on his feet, he starts hanging around with a tough group of bouncers. But their friendship doesn't come cheap, and soon Danny finds himself in far too deep. CLUBBED also stars Shaun Parkes, Scot Williams, and Maxine Peake.


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Not a bad film and a decent price..

Decent reviews,
Decent price for blu.
Looking to add cheaply to my collection, this fits the bill.
Heat added
Thanks x

£4.99 for dvd @ hmv,
£16.99 for blu @
so great price for blu.

Trailer for anyone not sure of the film, like i wasnt..........…014

Half decent brit flick going by the ratings.

Really enjoyed this film. Very underated and an absolute bargain for the bluray version :thumbsup:

great price,great film. Thanks



Cheers :thumbsup:

H & R added

Hated myself for watching this film, nothing new here at all except crappy predicatable script, even worse acting and characters that are crap. That said i'm not voting either way 'cause any blu ray under a fiver has to be a good thing for the future .

cool, ordered one

Terrible trailer but the film looks OK. The reviews are all middle of the road though [url][/url] Sounds a bit like a TV film.

Might give it a spin, thanks to the OP.

Good Price! I was born in Brum and lived in Cov for a bit so will be looking out for any recognisable places too. Hot

Have ordered cheers op, worth a punt at under a fiver, heated.

Heat from me too op, ordered one

Ordred :thumbsup:

Thanks for the post, I've looked a a couple of trailers and it looks pretty good.....

Sounds a hoot

I thought it was a really good film, very gritty . HOT from me

Looks like a decent film, and it will be my first BD for my Limit BD player!

Heated and rep

Just ordered a copy with no problems. NOT expired.

Worth checking out although the Books far better.

Been to a seminar with Geoff and he really is the real deal...a legend in both martial arts and door circles

Why is this expired? :thinking:

Still available.....:thumbsup:

Really enjoyed the book but thought this film was terrible. Some very poor acting.

Still available... unexpired

excellent price.
i just ordered this and was about to post the deal then i found already posted here.
an earlier post said it was based in the midlands..brum and coventry. thats great coz i was a student at coventry :-)

update 10-feb: received an email from Amazon..order cancelled..Our supplier has informed us that this item has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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