Clubcard Deals - Alton Towers Annual Pass is back!!
Clubcard Deals - Alton Towers Annual Pass is back!!

Clubcard Deals - Alton Towers Annual Pass is back!!

Apologies if this has already been posted but I couldn't find it in a search.

There was a bit of an uproar last year (or perhaps more of a disappointed sigh) as Tesco stopped doing Alton Towers annual passes with clubcard deals with the explanation that Tussauds group were annoyed because they were too successful!

However, looking through the new deals brochure, Annual Passes are back in - £21.25 of clubcard point for a personal annual pass - (Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Madame Tussauds, London Eye and Warwick Castle). It also gives you 20% off of eating and shopping inside I believe. Normal price is £85 per person for the pass, so a 1-4 return on clubcard points as usual.

We're definately sending off for ours - live 6 miles from Alton Towers!!

- planet2sky


I have a clubcard but normally just spend the vouchers in store, I havent registered for this online site yet but how does it work, I mean for instance if I was to exchange voucers for these deals do I have to wait to be sent or do you print off the tokens yourself?

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steevs28 - welcome to the site!

Seriously, never spend your clubcard vouchers in store! There they are only worth their face value, if you exchange them for deals they are worth up to 4 x as much. If you go to the clubcard part of the tesco website you can see everything they offer:

It ranges from RAC cover, to hotel vouchers, holiday vouchers (hotel and holiday vouchers are with big companies like Marriot, Cresta, Bridges Travel), restaurant vouchers, days out vouchers, magazine subscriptions...etc...

The website explains how to redeem your clubcard vouchers when they get posted out each few months - you can either post them off or there is a way to do it online now. You do have to wait for them to be sent out but they are very speedy - usually a couple of days.

[SIZE=2]Just to re-iterate how much more useful these are through clubcard deals. Every year, my tesco vouchers pay for:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Holiday airport parking, RAC membership, most of my blockbuster rentals. I'd guess about £250/year value just for shopping where I probably would have anyway.[/SIZE]

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well, the way we do it is order online from Tescos once every few weeks or once a month at a £75 shop and use one of the spend £75 get 1000 clubcard points. That soon adds up so every quarter I get at least £30 worth of vouchers. In addition, there's the in store offers of buy one get 100 points or 50 points and the vouchers they send in the post of 100 points if you buy £5 of meat etc... so I just plan around these and stock up when I can.

This meant £300 off of our honeymoon last month as i converted them into Cresta/Bridges holiday vouchers. Can also get Goldsmiths jewelery vouchers for gift buying etc... very very flexible scheme as there are so many different deals to chose from.

Thanks for the tip, I'm off to London soon for a weekend and they have some goos London attractions on there.:thumbsup:
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