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Callaway Rouge X irons (5-PW or 6-SW) Golf Club £419 @ Clubhousegolfdirect
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Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
Callaway Rouge X irons (5-PW or 6-SW) Golf Club £419 @ Clubhousegolfdirect£419
Callaway Rouge X irons at the cheapest I’ve seen new anywhere. Fantastic long and game improvement irons.

Yeah, plenty of times, have a good store in Salford, great staff with plenty of experience


Has anyone used this company before?


Are these based on the X-men character?


People really have trouble with spelling the word Rogue. Good find though. Heat


Not the cheapest thing ive used to smash car windows with, but i found that its good weight distribution really helped with the vandalism ;)

Black Friday Golf Deals up to 70% off @ Clubhouse Golf Direct
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Black Friday Golf Deals up to 70% off @ Clubhouse Golf Direct
Clubs from £55 Balls from £9.5 Shoes from £50 Waterproofs from £35 Used these guys last year to buy cobra irons for my dad, some great deals on here again!

Bought some Adidas Fall Weight trousers from here earlier £40 which is a great deal


Some very good deals here, the Ogio waterproof bag, Ecco shoes, TM P790 irons, Galvin Green gear and Z Star balls being the pick for me...

Taylormade M4 6 iron set - £399 @ Clubhousegolfdirect
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Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018
Taylormade M4 6 iron set - £399 @ Clubhousegolfdirect£399£64939%
This is the cheapest I have seen this set, I purchased these earlier this year for ALOT more. They are often complemented on the course and I have been happy with the look, feel an… Read more
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My Mizunos are now 10 years old and still in great condition, original grips too (lamkin full cord) believe it or not.


It could be said a good set of irons could last you 15 years if you regrip them and look after them regularly


That’s not what the marketing departments say! “The new TaylorMade MX add 20 yards to your shots!” - I should be driving the ball about 500 yards by now!! (lol)


But they won't be out of date! Just because new models come out, that doesn't mean that the old models suddenly stop working. Just buy what you want and keep them for 5 to 10 years if they suit you. There is absolutely no need to change a set of irons more often than 5 years unless you have bought a bad set that don't suit you.


Yes they would do a beginner. They are a good quality set and much better than the cheap ones that throw in every club but won't last. There's no reason why these clubs won't still be fine in 10 years......certainly 5.

Mizuno JPX 900  Hot Metal Golf Irons £399 at  clubhousegolf
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Posted 29th Nov 2018Posted 29th Nov 2018
Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal Golf Irons £399 at clubhousegolf£399£4297%
Not the brand new set out but still an excellent set of ions for the price

These use a new material over older 850 and 825 jpx and charged a higher price so this why they are selling them off, as they hit very similar to previous versions just look a bit slicker


I have an older version of them excellent clubs


These seem expensive for 5-PW. I bought the TOUR version (4-PW) for the same price a year ago. Check Club Pro Shop sellers on eBay first. Good to see some golf deals being posted though.


Lovely irons...wish I could convince my wife that I need a new set (annoyed)


These were 10% less than this from TV Golf over the Black Friday weekend

Cobra KING F7 One Length Golf Irons (5-GW) - £229 @ Clubhousedirect
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Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
Cobra KING F7 One Length Golf Irons (5-GW) - £229 @ Clubhousedirect£229
RRP on their site is exaggerated @ £679, but even then they’re still £399 on American Golf (possibly £360 with their 10% offer). Not sure how long this current offer lasts.

I would say a beginner is the perfect player to use one length irons as they wouldn't have and experience of using a normal set so would take to them straight away


I tried these at the range and they weren't for me. I found the feel of a 5 iron all wrong when hitting, maybe it's to do with the weight or shape as they must change it all to make the 5 hit distance with a 7 iron shaft in it. Im only a 14 handicap though and go through stages of having favourite and least favourite iron in my bag, if using these and this week my 7 was playing up, I wouldn't want every club to be the same as it. Good price though, for those that want it, so voted hot


Yes but hes the only one on tour to use them. They are also specifically designed for him. The clubs any of the pros play are not the ones we can buy. I do get the concept of this type of club but they are based on the player having a consistent swing which most golfers don't have.


Good deal but the F8’s are better. Also the F9’s are out in January


Could buy these and be down to a 2.

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Tour Golf Fairway Wood £99 @ club house golf direct
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
TaylorMade 2017 M2 Tour Golf Fairway Wood £99 @ club house golf direct£99.99£27964%
The 2017 M2 Tour fairway features M2 horsepower in a smaller shape preferred by the better player. The refined shape and size provides a compact look at address while a more forwar… Read more
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The better player. Rules me out XD Heat added!

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Decent golf black friday deals at Clubhouse Direct
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Decent golf black friday deals at Clubhouse Direct
Bought a few bits for my Dad, been in their actual shop a few times before. 50% seems to be an average deal on their black friday page

Agreed, £20 for a 68" brolly of a decent Wilson brand.


good find. Not a lot of good black friday golf deals around.


Bought the cobra set and a waterproof jacket, really good deal


Must... F7 OL.! Resist.....resist.

Mizuno MP-5 Golf Irons RRP £800,Now £449.99 @ ClubhouseGolf
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Posted 16th Sep 2017Posted 16th Sep 2017
Mizuno MP-5 Golf Irons RRP £800,Now £449.99 @ ClubhouseGolf£449.99
Don't see many golf deals on here. Thought i'd share this as I think it's a good deal. They have a few other sets on sale - Nike Vapor etc. Mizuno MP-5 Golf Irons Blade Like Per… Read more

Stick to my Ben Hogans!


Hot deal, Mizuno are lovely clubs, but worth pointing out only 4-PW, so only 7 irons in the set. Probably only me that will miss the 3 iron, but nonetheless....


I was told never to buy new, there's so many good clubs 2nd hand - don't be the one buying new!


Mmmm, shiny. Really like my MX200s...not sure the Missus would allow! Enjoy!


These are lovely clubs, but not ones to use if you are just starting out.

Wilson Prostaff HDX Golf Package Set (graphite) £229.99 from Clubhouse Golf
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Posted 8th May 2016Posted 8th May 2016
Wilson Prostaff HDX Golf Package Set (graphite) £229.99 from Clubhouse Golf£229.99
As a beginner I have been looking for a complete set of clubs. I have seen this HDX set on other sites but not this cheap, normally the full graphite set sells at about £299.99. … Read more

You need a reasonably stable swing to benefit from fitting which some beginners may not have. Having said that if you are 6" 6" with short arms I would look for longer clubs (standard length varies by up to an inch as most vendor make them longer to get better distance figures)


100% go for a fitting, I had my irons fit recently and it has made a world of difference.


I bought this set a couple of weeks ago after starting group lessons a couple of months ago. Now we're out on the course the few I'd picked up / borrowed weren't really sufficient. I went for the steel shafts because I found that the graphite irons I tried (not HDX) felt a little less controlled. I took a punt on the HDX after trying the Deep Red and Ultra sets in American Golf. I love them. The irons in particular are amazingly forgiving. Ok, a good player would hate them because I doubt you'd be able to shape the ball very well, but thats not what these (or a beginner) is about. They definitely feel better than the deep red irons in my opinion. The woods don't feel as good as the irons, but I suspect that may be down to my confidence as much as the woods though. Finally, the putter is actually surprisingly good. It felt comfortable and solid to me straight away. I was really expecting to hate it! I paid a little more than this on eBay for a set with the Wilson Staff Nexus bag because, frankly, all the bags with the package sets were pretty poor when I was looking. Thought it worth paying slightly more for one which I wouldn't feel like binning immediately. It's a decision I don't regret, and the seller was amazing with me having a couple of calls about the clubs and bag before ordering: I really didn't expect that when I messaged him initially! The HDX set is new for 2016 apparently, replacing the old HL range, so it may be worth having a read up on them online. I know what people say about getting a second hand set can make a lot of sense, but sometimes the shiny new kit can really help with motivation and making you excited to go to the range and practice. Overall, it's definitely a good deal, but I'd seriously consider the steel shafts.


I believe you would, technology only goes so far so new clubs every year like some people insist on isn't necessary. More expensive clubs aren't for better players, the type of club decides that, eg a blade or muscle back would not be good for you. You will want a cavity back iron, but all the brands make clubs for all handicap golfers. You do not want graphite shafted irons, they are not stiff enough, on a driver its recommended because you want it light for good swing speed. Titleist, callaway, Mizuno or Taylor made are the top brands. If you use eBay, a lot of people will list golf stuff as collection only and you will get a set for a steal! Any club from 2006 onwards will still be a top club. I played with the same clubs from 1998 until 2 years ago, the new clubs have not improved my game much at all, they were callaway X 12 irons, you could get them for under £100.


Graphite shafts in irons are generally only used by seniors or ladies, due to their slower swing speeds. Do yourself a favour, go and try a whole range of clubs at your local driving range or American golf then see where you can find them cheapest. AG will always price match. I bought a set of golden bear from AG when I first started and soon changed them for a set of ping v2 raptures. The pings were so forgiving and easy to hit. There are certain clubs that they class as 'game improvement' clubs, these were in that range and as they're are few years old you'd pick up a decent set up off eBay pretty cheap. Good luck and enjoy one of the most infuriating sports I've ever played

Bushnell v3 tour rangefinder £199 @ clubhousegolf
Posted 6th Apr 2016Posted 6th Apr 2016
Bushnell v3 tour rangefinder £199 @ clubhousegolf£199
Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Golf Rangefinder Eliminate Guesswork With JOLT Technology Compact size with the power you've always wanted. The new & improved Tour V3 laser rangefinder… Read more
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There is one on ebay with slope for £84 all in, can't comment on quality obviously not as good as bushnell but may do job


Good luck with that for £199!!


I would be interested if it was the slope edition model


The jolt is a great feature for those without a steady hand,to let you know you've got your target.


Best price for this that I have been able to find. Not sure whether to go for this or the much cheaper Snooper SLR500 though

Odyssey Milled Collection #2 Putter 119.99 reduced from 250 @ Clubhouse golf
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Posted 11th Jan 2016Posted 11th Jan 2016
Odyssey Milled Collection #2 Putter 119.99 reduced from 250 @ Clubhouse golf£119.99
won topgolfer;s 2015 for best putter and is under half price. Cheapest i have seen anywhere else is 200
Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Golf Driver £109.99 clubhousegolf
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Posted 15th Mar 2015Posted 15th Mar 2015
Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Golf Driver £109.99 clubhousegolf£109.99
Great deal for all handicaps. Available in 2 different lofts but only regular shaft if selecting the "standard" 10.5deg. The Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver has combined Extreme … Read more

Had one of these last year really hard to hit and unforgiving for a high handicapper, got a s/h X2 hot of ebay for £60 and the difference is astounding the X2 is much easier to hit feels lighter sits better and inspires confidence and importantly goes long and straight! BTW also tried a 2014 Big Bertha that is also really hard to hit like Razr Extreme again X 2 hot a lot better and cheaper for high handicappers


2012 to be precice.


Correct but not at last years prices !


last years club


Good deal. Think I'd pay a bit more for an x 2 hot personally.

Callaway Diablo Octane Tour Golf Fairway Wood @ Clubhousegolf direct for £59.99
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Posted 15th Nov 2014Posted 15th Nov 2014
Callaway Diablo Octane Tour Golf Fairway Wood @ Clubhousegolf direct for £59.99£59.99
Here we have another huge saving over MRRP. This time it's a fairway wood from Callaway. Choice of either a 15deg 3 wood or 18deg 5 wood, choice of flex. Original price £169 now d… Read more

I might give it a miss then. I'm just a beginner that loves to go to the driving range


I put this up on here the other day. Great driver for the money.


Looks to be one for the better player:


Anyone know if this is a good driver? seems to be the cheapest around as well

Nike VR Pro Golf Hybrid - £49.99 @ clubhousegolfdirect
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Posted 15th Nov 2014Posted 15th Nov 2014
Nike VR Pro Golf Hybrid - £49.99 @ clubhousegolfdirect£49.99
Originally - £159.99. Excellent % discount from brand new (mrrp) on a easy to hit hybrid golf club. Great overall discount. I'm also going to (if all right with you people) trawl… Read more
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Yes Ceejay1974 - Keep the golf deals coming :-)


looking forward to some good deals golf balls, gloves, training gear, clothes... yes please good club, used one few seasons ago. dnt be roped into all the new gear with all the marketing sale lines....


sounds like a plan to me, nice one ceejay. could do with some more golfing offers on hukd. This one is hot by the way.


Obviously your h'cap is two hands and only 1 mouth !


If you can find some one to play for me so I can spend more time improving my handicap on the 19th that would be appreciated.

Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Forged Golf Driver £79.99 @ clubhousegolf
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Posted 10th Nov 2014Posted 10th Nov 2014
Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Forged Golf Driver £79.99 @ clubhousegolf£79.99
Ok people go easy, my first deal. Not for everyone (not even golfers) but I thought what a really nice golf club at a very reasonable price. £79.99 ! Great Xmas gift for the man … Read more
2014 Wilson Staff Prestige Golf Cart Bag £79.99 @ Clubhouse golf direct
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Posted 7th Nov 2014Posted 7th Nov 2014
2014 Wilson Staff Prestige Golf Cart Bag £79.99 @ Clubhouse golf direct£79.99
2014 Wilson Staff prestige golf cart bag ... Over £100 everywhere else Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
Cobra Sunday Pencil Bag Grey/Orange £24.99 @ Clubhouse Golf
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Posted 8th Aug 2014Posted 8th Aug 2014
Cobra Sunday Pencil Bag Grey/Orange £24.99 @ Clubhouse Golf£24.99
Nice bag, nice price. This site needs more golf deals IMO. Still under £30 with delivery.

picked up one of these callaway bags for £35 quid in store at costco. not sure if they still have them at that price though.,cos_5.2,cos_5.2.4/694580


I recently got this one, also a good price and a great bag.


dam cracking wee deal, very tempted but I don't really need it... or do I?!

Nike VRS Hybrid, mens, £49.99, Clubhousegolfdirect
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Posted 26th May 2014Posted 26th May 2014
Nike VRS Hybrid, mens, £49.99, Clubhousegolfdirect£49.99
Ordered one of these just now. Been looking for a hybrid for a while, found them on Clubhousegolfdirect all degrees and shaft options

[image missing]


Thanks but I live on the back of a golf course and find my golf balls all the time.


If I remember rightly they are free delivery over £75. They have some really really good deals on balls so you could make it up with them. I buy all my premium balls from them as they cheaper than anywhere online.


Tempted anyone got delivery code?



Nike VRS Covert Fairway £74.99 at ClubhouseGolf
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Posted 6th Apr 2014Posted 6th Apr 2014
Nike VRS Covert Fairway £74.99 at ClubhouseGolf£74.99
This 3 wood has great reviews all over. Lowest its ever been and will probably get voted cold. Hope this helps somebody. This is not the new 2.0 wood. 9.4/10 based on 22 reviews.… Read more

Covert? I'm sorry, but the ninja spec ops golfer sounds like niche market...

TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Tour Driver £119.99 delivered @
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Posted 15th Aug 2013Posted 15th Aug 2013
TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Tour Driver £119.99 delivered @£119.99
Probably going to be voted cold but this is the cheapest online for this club and to be honest almost all clubs. It is a great website. Have a read of the reviews on the american … Read more

What does Head Size: Tour mean?


Great price, cheapest yet. Hot.


Not a bad price, but I find the tour products are harder to play with and you have to be a very good golfer to really benefit from them.


TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Tour Driver Specifications: Body Construction: Titanium Crown Construction: Titanium Face: Titanium Face Angles: Neutral Loft: Adjustable Shaft: Matrix Xcon 6 Lie Angle: 59.5° Shaft Length: 45.75 Inches Grip: TM 360 Velvet Head Size: 460cc Head Cover Included: Yes Wrench Tool Included: Yes