CM Storm Mastermouse S - £24.99 @ eBuyer (C&C)
CM Storm Mastermouse S - £24.99 @ eBuyer (C&C)

CM Storm Mastermouse S - £24.99 @ eBuyer (C&C)

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Cheapest in UK ? Outside UK people pay 40$ for this one. Sensor is new actually, optical 3330 PMW, hard to fault, or you have to swipe mouse like a robot to make cursor spazz out, did research looks like it's similar to logitech's 502 403 303 g900, nixeus revel's, ss rival 700, some top mad catz mice sensors, just lower max speed, and less dpi 7200, so should be cheap nice gadget for fps gaming! Postage 1.98 GBP via collect+ option!

youtube.com/wat…-iQ small review! Cable might be not for everyone taste.. but fixable with bungee or maybe some table clips!

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Testing for the 3rd day, mouse is good, but didn't feel playing well before day 3, took time to get used to it, couldn't fault it, tried it in quake games on cloth and aluminium mats, never spazzed out, but for sure, Logitech top mice sensor are still above this one. I think this is still a bargain, other mouse comes to mind is Razer Abyssus v2 with pmw 3329 sensor, and feels like they are both on par for me, slightly below the top Logitech / Nixeus mice sensors. Some reviews telling that you can remove some weight inside the mouse, and make it even lighter than 90g. Don't want to ruin mousefeet, did remove weight inside the Abyssus v2, it turned to be more balanced, with around 75~ grams, was still performing very good
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