CNM Core 320GB portable Hard Drive - USB3.0 £36.14 including Shipping @ EBuyer

CNM Core 320GB portable Hard Drive - USB3.0 £36.14 including Shipping @ EBuyer

Found 16th Jun 2011
As so many people likes the 80GB USB 2.0 version of this at £16.99 I though a few might be interested in the larger (memory wise not physically!) USB 3.0 big brother. This one includes Free Security Software Worth £45.


You can get a 500GB portable drive for this price. Recently Seagate at Amazon but previously Verbatim at Comet and Iomega at Asda. all within a few pence either way.

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But is it
a) USB 3.0
b) As small as this one?

the strength of the 80gb was its price

when you start paying this much you expect top brand and 500gb

slightly larger, £1-50 cheaper, known brand, 2 years warranty, NOT USB3…902
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If you add the cost of shipping in (as I did) then you have found a drive with the same amount of storage space that is £2.50 more expensive, physically larger and much slower. So I'm not entirely sure why you are mentioning it!

this is a very good price, people stop comparing it to a standard USB 2.0 drive the is USB 3.0, sure you can get a USB 2.0 drive for cheaper, but then you can also get a standard 7200rpm drive cheaper than a SSD

Admit I missed the postage comparison - still 2 years versus 1 year warranty. I don't have anything that can read USB 3 so unimportant to me (or many others?)
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This is a good price as its hard to find USB 3.0 enclosures for less than £20.

As said above good price for a USB 3.0....Have some heat.

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So not one person could find a comparable USB 3.0 portable drive. Yet this one got voted cold and someone has now expired it, even though it is still available. I though this forum was about finding the cheapest deals, guess not!
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