CNM Mistral 120GB 2.5" USB Ultra Portable Hard Drive now £22.99 delivered @ ebuyer ebay

CNM Mistral 120GB 2.5" USB Ultra Portable Hard Drive now £22.99 delivered @ ebuyer ebay

Found 20th Dec 2010
CNM Mistral 120GB 2.5" USB Portable External Hard Drive - Black
Storage on the move - Small enough to slip in your pocket!!

The new Mistral range from CnM Lifestyle is an ultra portable external hard drive. With a sleek design and high performance capabilities this drive is the perfect addition to any office or homes.

Pre-loaded on your CnM Lifestyle Mistral drive, you will find over £90 worth of free software, this includes:

•Bullguard Internet Security 8.7
Licensed OEM version - Antivirus, Firewall & Anti-Spam software with 1000MB online storage drive. Spam free subscription, Easy to use and quick effective system scans

•O&O Media Recovery 4
Licensed OEM version - Recovers media files that have been damaged or deleted and amends broken links to media files.Also has the ability to recover irreplaceable photos, music and video footage, a potentially priceless programme.

•O&O DriveLED 3
Licensed OEM version - Monitors hard disk drives for temperature and health. Helps to prevent the loss of data through hard disk malfunction and alerts the user when data should be backed up

•Balesio FILEminimizer Pictures
Licenssed OEM version - Reduces the size of picture files while retaining image quality. Zips and compresses picture files for storage or sending by email and other low capacity transfer means. Designed to save storage space and make easier sending.

•Audials Radiotracker.

Licensed OEM version - Records internet radio streams and allows users to locate their favourite music channels online by searching through genres and artists. Searching for music has never been this easy.

Together the included software bundle will help you optimize storage space, help protect your computer from malware, help recover lost data, and will help you search for music and manage all of your images..........priceless!!


Not quite as compact and convenient, admittedly, but if you compare this to the price of a 32Gb USB stick, this is a cracking buy for £23 delivered. Far higher capacity and speed. Heat added. Sorely tempted, but seriously broke - this site will be the financial death of me!

Don't know anything about the make but seems a nice price.

£23 sound cheap but when compared £ for gb, it converts to £95 for the 500gb and £191 for a 1tb drive. Not such a bargain unless you can only afford £23.
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