CNM Secure Wireless Camera Kit £44.99 (Brand New - 12 month Warranty from Argos ebay)

CNM Secure Wireless Camera Kit £44.99 (Brand New - 12 month Warranty from Argos ebay)

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Found 18th Nov 2014
Have absolutely no idea if this is a good model or not but seems reasonable for the price?

If you have knowledge on the product please give your views

The perfect way to increase your home security, this wireless camera kit from CnM plugs directly into your TV and monitor allowing you to view and record. Featuring a long 60m viewing range and 7m night vision this camera provides you with 24 hour home security.
CMOS wireless camera with CMOS wireless camera with 11 LEDs.
60m viewing range.
Wireless receiver with 100m range and 4 video channels.
7m night vision.
1m power cord connected to camera body.
Plugs directly into TV/monitor.
Allows you to view and record.
Size H21, W17.5, D11cm.
Weight 750g.
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If you plan on using this in a built up area be mindful of the local interference caused by other radio sources as they may render the setup useless.
This looks like it could be digital meaning it'll be less susceptible to inteference. I have a similar Xenta branded camera that works fine, its marketed as digital wireless and there is no inteference at all.
Have another CNM kit from maplins and its a piece of £&@ - useless support from CnM

Their hardware is rebadged rubbish
They don't mention the frequency, so it's probably 2.4GHz, which can be completely disrupted by simple things like turning a microwave on, digital or analogue is irrelevant if no signal is getting through.

To make matters worse it will suffer from WiFi networks also using the 2.4GHz band, and itself could cause disruption to your own WiFi network.

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