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CNP Pro Flapjack Snack Bar - Box of 24 £12.25
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Posted 31st Aug 2016Posted 31st Aug 2016
CNP Pro Flapjack Snack Bar - Box of 24 £12.25£12.25
Was looking for some cheap protein bars and came across the CNP (up to 50%) sale. Some good bargains in there too

Diy.... Brilliant recipe by GCN.... you can tinker with the recipe....


+£3 delivery



heat added good price!

protein 50% off CNP whey protein (2kg for £22 + £3 delivery)
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Posted 11th May 2016Posted 11th May 2016
protein 50% off CNP whey protein (2kg for £22 + £3 delivery)£22
Cnp sale 59% I got the whey protein £22 for 2kg and 66 servings £3 delivery
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Ordered some of the whey to try. Thanks




​can you post link please


​calorie deficit


Focus T25 training. It works!

team sky porridge pots x12 for  £2 rep £15 (original flavour only) @ CNP
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Posted 30th Dec 2015Posted 30th Dec 2015
team sky porridge pots x12 for £2 rep £15 (original flavour only) @ CNP£2
Original Flavour Nutritional Information 100ml 65g Pot Energy 1600kj/379kcal 1040kj/246kcal Fat of which saturates 5.8g 1.1g 3.7g 0.7g Carbohydrates of which sugars 59.0g 13.16g 3… Read more
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These are good products and company


Performance-enhancing porridge... whatever next!


Can we trust these ?


Thanks! Ordered two packs. These will be great after morning runs or gym sessions. At £7 for 24 delivered I don't mind if they taste foul!

CNP ENDURANCE High Protein Flapjack Snack Bar - Box of 24 @ CNP Professional
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Posted 3rd Dec 2015Posted 3rd Dec 2015
CNP ENDURANCE High Protein Flapjack Snack Bar - Box of 24 @ CNP Professional£9
CNP Flapjack high protein bars are not your typical high fat, high sugar flapjacks found in most stores today. CNP Flapjack bars have been specifically designed for the health cons… Read more
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you could say they are "duracell" for bodies i suppose :p


Got a selection of these last week. All of them - chewy oats coated in mocklate type coating where the flavourings are. Cherry Almond - tastes pretty disgusting, but if you are dieting like me, anything will taste divine so its manageable Choc Orange - nicer than normal choc oranges Lemon - best tasting, and would even think they are low market tasting candy bar if you didn't tell me


Got an email saying they oversold and they've refunded my money


showing Out of Stock on all flavours now!


I often take two bars with me on rides over 40-50 miles but usually only end up eating about 1 a week. Depends how much you cycle I guess but I wouldn't just eat them as a snack with a cup of tea.

TEAM SKY BREAKFAST CASE OF 12X Now £6.00 delivered (Was: £15.00) @ CNP
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Posted 20th Nov 2015Posted 20th Nov 2015
TEAM SKY BREAKFAST CASE OF 12X Now £6.00 delivered (Was: £15.00) @ CNP£6
Team Sky and CNP have combined their expertise in race nutrition to develop a delicious, nutritious range of protein porridges. Each serving provides 12g of Protein as consumed. Te… Read more

11.4g sugar seems high for one serving to me. (Varies flavor dependent)


One to another


the porridge is £3 plus £3 delivery so its £6 pound delivered as the title states


Great for all those who want to enhance their performance, if you know what I mean. (Drugs. I mean drugs.)


At least its DPD delivery who I think are the best as you can track it down to the hour and see it on a map. Only £3 too which isn't too bad.

CNP Protein flapjack £13 delivered @ CNP
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Posted 15th Nov 2015Posted 15th Nov 2015
CNP Protein flapjack £13 delivered @ CNP£13
CNP Protein flapjacks - Box of 24. 4 flavours to choose from

Ordered a box of flapjacks and 24 porridge pots on the day the deal was posted. I received the flapjacks on Friday but the porridge was marked as "to follow" on the paperwork. The pots are no longer on the website so I don't expect to ever receive them


Thanks these are now £9 a box... got 2 boxes plus 3kgs protein and 30 sachets of porridge for £51 delivered! :D


Hasn't arrived yet. Still waiting.


I ordered when I posted it and they all arrived today but didn't get any notification via email... It just turned up. Also, all the bars and porridge were well in date.


ordered on the day this deal was posted but still havent heard a peep from cnp about my order other than an acknowledgement

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CNP Professional Flapacks (box of 24) - £13 Delivered
Posted 28th Oct 2015Posted 28th Oct 2015
CNP Professional Flapacks (box of 24) - £13 Delivered£13
CNP Professional bars box of 24 for £10 its a good price considering they are usually around the £15 mark for a box

The bars arrived the other day and they actually taste really nice.. I went for the Chocolate flavour btw. They also have quite a long expirary date of March 2016..


Ordered.. Thanks OP!


excellent price, thanks


was going to purchase the bbw bars but lucky i saw these


Thanks, ordered two boxes Had the lemon meringue before and it's chewy but ok Ordered another box of them and trying the cherry almond too Heat added

CNP protein recovery bars: a box of 12x70g bars for only £5.00
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Posted 30th Aug 2015Posted 30th Aug 2015
CNP protein recovery bars: a box of 12x70g bars for only £5.00£5
Bargain deal. Two flavours to choose from: caramel or chocolate. 30g of protein per 70g bar. BARS ARE SHORT DATED. There is also a +£3.00 delivery charge (free delivery when you s… Read more

OOS, the nutritionals are amazing....


Why cold?? Same thing went hot at double the price


it says best before 31st of aug 2015


10% off first order code ''10cut''


Good find thanks heat added

CNP Endurance - Recovery bars. £10 + £3 Delivery (Short dated) (£13) @ CNP
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Posted 9th Jul 2015Posted 9th Jul 2015
CNP Endurance - Recovery bars. £10 + £3 Delivery (Short dated) (£13) @ CNP£13
CNP Endurance Protein Recovery Bar Clearance Best Before 31 August 15 Down to £10 from £36!
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I like them a lot! Especially the caramel!


How do these taste??


Try Nirvana Health! They do a lot of stuff with BCCA's!!


Can't believe how quick these were! Got mine already!!


Looking for some advice - do these or any other bars contain BCAAs such L-Leucine? I'm after a bar that has these to see if helps with mental exhaustion the day after exercise, but it seems very difficult to tell if a bar has them in. The expensive shakes often mention it on the packaging, but I'd prefer a bar to a shake.

CNP Pro Flapjacks Short dated £13.00 delivered @ CNP
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Posted 19th Jun 2015Posted 19th Jun 2015
CNP Pro Flapjacks Short dated £13.00 delivered @ CNP£13
Just received an email from CNP to say Pro Flapjacks are now £10 per box of 24. BBE 31st July 2015. Not for me, but fingers crossed we see the protein come up soon. Cherry & Al… Read more
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I've tried one of each, then it's less of a gamble. :P We'll see how gross they are!


Ordered 2 boxes thanks.




Thanks for posting, I ordered one of each at that price!


I tried lemon meringue woz gross

CNP ENDURANCE High Protein Flapjacks (24 pack) - £13 Delivered @ CNP Professional
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Posted 28th Apr 2015Posted 28th Apr 2015
CNP ENDURANCE High Protein Flapjacks (24 pack) - £13 Delivered @ CNP Professional£13
Best before 31st May 2015. 24 protein bars for just £10 in 4 flavours! Delivery is £3, but if you spend over £50, you get it free. NP Flapjack high protein bars are not your typ… Read more
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lemon meringue and cherry almond are great flavours :)


Ordered Lemon Meringue as only 2.6 g of sugar per bar, the rest are 4.8g. Too high for me. Thanks for posting.


Yes I'm sure these bar's were the magic ingredient that made him win. notsrs


Blinding hot deal. The L-man used these exact bars in the run up to lifting the Mr Uk-Muscle '14


Thanks OP

CNP 24pk Protein Flapjacks BEST BEFORE 31 MAY 15 £13 delivered @ CNP
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Posted 15th Apr 2015Posted 15th Apr 2015
CNP 24pk Protein Flapjacks BEST BEFORE 31 MAY 15 £13 delivered @ CNP£13
CNP professional flapjacks 24pk for £10 + £3 delivery (free if over £50). Not tried them but they've had some good reviews on taste. Best before 31/5/15 but they'll last a lot lo… Read more
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Thanks just ordered three boxes


Comment Yeah it's defo not a "flapjack" you'd make/get from a bakers, buts they're tasty as hell! Not in the same league as the bespoke supplements flapjacks but 24 for £10 is a great deal! Lemon meringue is also very nice!


Got my 5 boxes. Taste good to me. Nice and filling too!


Mine arrived today, taste very powdery not really anything like a flapjack. Not pleasurable to eat but hey its protein (Y) Heat added for the deal.


hmm weird. bought 3 boxes and they sent me 4 was charged 33 quid from what i can see package was all ripped open though

CNP professional 50% off all products for the next 4 days
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Posted 28th Nov 2014Posted 28th Nov 2014
CNP professional 50% off all products for the next 4 days£1.50
Not bought from these before but seems like a very good offer and worth trying. Black Friday sale 50% off everything for 4 days only. Eg. 5 high protein porridge sachets £1.50 Eg … Read more
CNP Pro Bundle
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Posted 1st Feb 2014Posted 1st Feb 2014
CNP Pro Bundle£7.50
Contains 1x CNP Shaker Bottle 1x Pro-Flapjack - Cherry and Almond 1x Pro-Flapjack - Lemon Meringue 1x Pro-Bar XS - Berry 1x Pro Slam - Apple 1x Pro Peptide Free 30g Taster Sample … Read more
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Nice find - ordered


Good find, madness that a logo has a £6 price tag when the same type shaker but with a coil can be bought for a couple of quid any other time


Can't seem to add a image .... If anyone could add one it would be appreciated

CNP Elite Recovery Bars £14 plus £3 p&p (rrp £36)
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Posted 21st Sep 2013Posted 21st Sep 2013
CNP Elite Recovery Bars £14 plus £3 p&p (rrp £36)£17
Over 60% off CNP Elite Recovery Bars as used by Team Sky and British Cycling £14 rrp £36 for one week only
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still overpriced. why do people get sucked in by the brand names?


Do you not mean the Sky team?


Do these contain dope like the actual ones used by the team? Lol. I'm inclined to think hydration is far more important.


12 bars for £17 is expensive. A pounnd per bar is a good deal

Pro Flapjacks 45% OFF (24 per box) £20.10 @ CNP PRO DELIVERED
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Posted 2nd Jan 2012Posted 2nd Jan 2012
Pro Flapjacks 45% OFF (24 per box) £20.10 @ CNP PRO DELIVERED£20.10
Best deal online for these bars. Not the best form of protein however its handy when your in a rush or on the move. Or on holiday which ill be using them for. Yet still the best … Read more

Another supplier @ £16.99 delivered:

Ashamuk even cheaper


Some bloke with the same name just posted a better deal. :D


decent price but its like with all supplements , you must take them religously to see any results . no use taking something when its on special then back to eating like a hunger strike victim . you got to boat load the protein every single day , progressivly lift heavier and you WILL put on some serious muscle these are yummy though :3


Excellent deal Thanks, lol.

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Posted 8th Dec 2011Posted 8th Dec 2011
PRO BAR XS HIGH PROTEIN, 45% OFF FOR £17.10 + £3.00 postage @ CNPPROFESSIONAL.CO.UK£20.10
Pro-Bar XS high protein food bar contains 30 grams of our high quality fast and slow protein matrix (milk protein isolate, whey protein concentate and micellar casein) Pro-Bar XS h… Read more
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deleted119941 They are £16.99 on this site free delivery


12 in a box.


How many?