CO-OP 75cl Madame De MAINTENON Champagne at £7.49 - BARGAIN

CO-OP 75cl Madame De MAINTENON Champagne at £7.49 - BARGAIN

Found 28th Oct 2012
Just been to my local Co-Op and noticed behind the counter they had 75cl bottles of Madame De Maintenon Champagne priced up at £7.49. This was not a reduced price but the assistant confirmed it was the correct selling price? This used to be sold at £29.99 a bottle.

Can't confirm if this is everywhere, but I picked up three bottles for Christmas and at £22.50 for three this has to be my bargain of the day.

By the way this was in Gosport, Hampshire.
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It was £15 last year.
In Newcastle its not £7.49
Nor in St Albans or Harpenden.
cheaper than cava!
I got a deal for Sainsburys own champagne, which I found on money saving expert.
Six bottles of their own champers, which I have tried before, and is very good, delivered for £46.25.
It arrived at 7pm on Sat evening!!.
Don't bother trying to find this deal. Spent an hour on the phone to Co op head office this must have been a pricing mistake as they say the cheapest they do this champagne is £13.99.
It is available in the right Co-ops. I cleared out the Somerfield Road store in Ryde earlier. Stunning deal.
Co-op in Jersey, Channel Islands, WERE doing a deal on the Madame de Maitenon champagne over Christmas at £59.99 for case Vulnerable Youngsters (2)

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of 6. We initially put in £20 to share a case with two others. I was stunned at the superb quality, so much so, that I purchased 4 cases straight after New Year. This champagne is at least equal to Moët Chandon in my opinion and is the same price as Moët ' off the shelf'. The Christmas Co-op offer (in Jersey) was through their online Dealmaker. This ended at around 10,00 p.m. On 4/1/14.
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