CO-OP clearance items - DAZ/AirWick/Persil/Glade/Fairy

CO-OP clearance items - DAZ/AirWick/Persil/Glade/Fairy

Found 31st May 2014
Two local Co-ops have end of aisles full of clearance items, staff think its due to new packaging coming out.

Daz powder 22 washes £2.50
Fairy powder 40 washes £4.00
Ariel powder 40 washes £4.00
coop no bio 12 handwash powder 66p
vanish oxiaction 1kg £4.00
glade essential oil plug in refill various scents £1.20
ambipur 3volution plug in & refill fresh new day £2.32
Fairy liquitabs 30 £3.15
coop dishwasher powder lemon 1.2kg £1.40
velvet moist tissues 42 £1.50
& others (Bloo, Domestos, pledge, benilyn, aquafresh mouthwash, Method, Surf).
Most were 1/2 price min (from coop prices - some may be cheaper elsewhere).

Will be national where stock. Loads at Birtley high st & Wrekenton.

Picked up Daz as bigger boxes dont fit in my 'wash products drawer' and the smaller ones are rarely on offer & the 3volution as need a new plug in for the bargain amazon deal the other week
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Have I missed something? Why are people voting cold?
I am hitting the Co op now !!!
Wish wee dude wasnt sleepin will nip up in mornin
will check my local
when purs done this they refurbished not long after. loads of bargains.
Not national! Selected store having a clear out! We done it last month!

Have I missed something? Why are people voting cold?

People tend to vote cold in jealousy that they didn't find the deal i think, i won't post anymore deals on here until they introduce something like "state a reason why voting cold."

@op have some heat great find don't let the jealous cold voters put you off.
Don't take it personals. You sensitive fish. Oooooohhhhh people don't like my posts. Ooooooo I will never post again. Oooooooo

PS. I vote hot actually. And none in my local
got some cheap comfort conditioner at the local co-op 42 washes for £1.72 also had cheap washing powder on display.
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