Co op meal deal £3 save £2.44!

Co op meal deal £3 save £2.44!

Found 30th Jul 2014
Ok so a bit of a bargain in the co op meal deal!
Roast chicken salad sandwich £2.75
Flap jack bar £1
Vita coco water £1.69
Was surprised the water was included as it's probably the most expensive drink!
Saving £2.44 if bought as single items!
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This is always their price as a meal deal.
our local co-op's meal deal is now £3.25!

maybe each store sets their own price?
always go for the large can of red bull at £1.95
Or Innocent smoothie at £1.95

Or Innocent smoothie at £1.95

Was just typing that lol

Was just typing that lol

You can get Innocent smoothies in a meal deal? what size??
I quite like the meal deals co op do but I like the sainsburys one as well my fav combo is salt beef and mustard sandwich with walkers sensations and a bottle of diet coke
Not sure I see a deal here as this is the same price as all the rest of the supermarkets offer on their meal deals and will come down to personal preference about the toppings, drink and snacks offered as part of it. That said, I personally prefer Sainsburys Triple sandwiches such as the Chicken Triple where you get 50% more in your lunch for the same money and it tastes great.
Sorry cold, this is standard.
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