Co-op Red Seedless Grapes 500g £2.25

Co-op Red Seedless Grapes 500g £2.25

Found 29th Oct 2011
Best deal I've seen in all supermarkets and the quality is excellent


Half price!? Did these really cost £4.50 normally? I think not.

Also Tesco market value 500g grapes are only 98p and they do both green and red varieties:…180

Got some reduced to 57p at my local co-op. Nice but I agree £2.24 half price is a bit steep.

CO-OP = Completely Overpriced - On Products.
The co-op make up prices and usually its at the higher prices. I used to live in Whitby and i remember a news article reporting that the Whitby store was one of the top five highest priced co-op' in the UK. Like dbertman did they really cost £4.50.
Not having a go at OP just the co-op.
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