Co-op Thorntons Large Chocolate Snowman 250g £2.00

Co-op Thorntons Large Chocolate Snowman 250g £2.00

Found 10th Dec 2015
Couldn't believe bought three!!
Dated 31/3/2016
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Great deal. Hope they have one in my local.
It was alongside all the Christmas things and more Thorntons model chocolates (but they weren't such a cracking price)
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Was it found in London?
No this was in Stafford
Ok,thank you
You could always melt your three down, and make a really large snowman.:D
£4 in my local
Fab, hopefully my local will have them as its only small. Great price
5 quid in my local!!
whats the date on them ?
Anyone else got these at this price?
nope, none in Halifax,
Thanks, this is the price I've been waiting for, or near about

nope, none in Halifax,

No none in mine either wasted journey and spent £12 on bits that I didn't even know I wanted half hour ago.
Still picked up a lovely Snowman Christmas cake for £6
Fab price!
£4 still in Nottingham
Sorry to hear its not in all shops folks, it looked like a national deal. Will post pic of receipt.
just brought 5 from Peterborough orton centre store:p

just brought 5 from Peterborough orton centre store:p


whats the date on them ?

31 March
Just bought 3 from morrisons at £3.30 ish! Great deal at £2 heat added.
Couldn't work out how to post pic of receipt in comment box, so popped one up in top right corner. Will change back to chocolate snowman tomorrow.
is this nationwide?
Will check my local
Nice! Hopefully I can find a couple for the kids!
What's the difference between a snowman and a snow-woman?

My turn...What did one snowman say to the other?...

Do you smell carrots?
These are nationwide in Morrisons too but at £2.37 ish & plenty of them.
Which coop in Stafford because they are £4 in rising brook
the 80g one is £2 at our local .. no 250g ones in store
Just picked one up at my local in St.Neots! That should keep the other half happy X)

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Sounds like these snowmen are a bit random, much like these flamedeers?!! X)
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Two co-ops in Shanklin Isle of Wight £5 in one £4 in the other
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