Co-op Truly Irresistible Margherita pizza £2.00 was £3.89  (465g)

Co-op Truly Irresistible Margherita pizza £2.00 was £3.89 (465g)

Found 24th Mar 2012
just bought this, looks delicious good price for a large pizza

Hand stretched stonebaked pizza with tomato sauce,
hand finished with grated mozzarella cheese,
sliced italian cherry tomatoes and drizzled with basil pesto.

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I prefer the frozen £2 pizzas from co-op
these large ones to me seem really sweet.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sweeeetttttttttttt
Have to say these aRe the best shop shop bought pizzas I've had. Lush!
These and the goodfellas takeaway's are the best pizza.

co-op has best pizza retailer awards.
This is the first time I have tried this pizza and I must say it is absolutely delicious, along with the dr otker ristorante pizzas, I will certainly buy this pizza again
I love these, best supermarket pizza around (to my taste at least!). I even prefer these to most pizza delivery company products - although I am "mean" so a great tasting £3 pizza will always taste better than an ordinary £15 delivered one in my opinion.
Pretty good. Certainly better than the Pizza Express ones. The one thing that supermarket pizzas struggle with is getting a crispy base. Even using a pizza stone it never quite works.
Over-priced Pizza retailing at the £2 it's worth. (_;)
Cracking pizza. Add a little chili oil, pesto and maybe a chunk or two of chorizo, superb.
Fantastic Pizza. I was munching on one of these last week
I like the fresh ones you get from Sainsbury's. Currently half price at £1.80 for a fresh 10"
Excellent pizza, got these last time they were cheap.
Tried for the first time on Saturday. Delicious!
Been this price for a while quite surprised this is the 1st post on it.
Has anyone tried the limited edition pastrami one of this? Amazing
Had one of these the other day. Not bad at all for £2
These pizzas are great when they're on offer. Much better than most supermarket pizza and good value at £2.
Lovely pizza great for £2 thanks
This deal is on again.

This deal is on again.

Indeed it is. My thoughts haven't changed tho.

Did any of the heat seekers bother to post this as a deal recently?
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