Unfortunately, this deal is no longer valid
Co-Op Whiskas 12pouch 100g box reduced to £3 in CoOp also will be £2 with £1 coupon inside as well
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Co-Op Whiskas 12pouch 100g box reduced to £3 in CoOp also will be £2 with £1 coupon inside as well

Posted 25th Jun

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Co-Op has an offer on Whiskas 12pouch 100g box reduced to £3 in CoOp.

Some packs have a £1 coupon inside which makes the next purchase for £2.

Canning Town branch only had 5 with vouchers. I got one by one with them.

After initial purchase of £3 you can get 48 for £9 or 60 for £11 etc.

I don't know which branch will stock these special packs but for sure other supermarkets do not have the offer of reduction to £3 so

Gave one pack to Celia Hammond and need the others for stray cats I feed of which 2 are indoors now.

This deal was found after a tragic need to visit CO-OP to donate some food for the cats charity CHAT who look after stray ill cats. One of our stray cat got run over over the weekend overnight. He might have been stray but in the three months he grew on to us and trusted us, and came indoors when it rained heavy last week. Luckily one of the cats who has driven another cat out, succumbed to him. We loved him.

This deal is a dedication to RajKumar(Prince)RIP named because we have two other stray cats called Raja(King) and Rani(Queen). What a family they were destroyed by someone idiot who couldn't control his car.

The coupon also contains information on how to collect them and send them to a special collection point where they get picked up by terracycle visit whiskas.co.uk/ter…cle
Where you will learn more about it and how to recycle these dreaded pouches into something useful.
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Thank you for posting OP. This is a brilliant deal. And good on you for taking care of those stray cats.
Thanks for posting will check my local co-op tomorrow. Sorry to hear about the loss of one of your cats I dread to think of that happening to one of my 2 girls people can be so careless
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