Co pilot caravan half price £24.99 at : Google play

Co pilot caravan half price £24.99 at : Google play

Found 23rd Nov 2017
I was going to buy this back in August but I thought the £50 price tag was a bit steep but it's now reduced to £24.99 50% off.
Also half price on ios
You can enter your outfit size has life traffic reports speed camera alerts and rerouting.
Personalised Caravan-Specific Routing
Powerful Trip Planning
Dependable Offline Maps
Useful Caravan POIs
Safety Features with Motorway Guidance & Alerts
Community Updates


No updates in nearly two years and bad reviews. Looks dead to me.
We just used the Michelin co pilot and ticked "with caravan"
Also bought a cheap truck sat nav for £39 and although slow to set up it allows you to enter full length and height of your combined outfit. It did very well as a backup for us around France.
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