Cobra - Uncut Edition (Sylvester Stallone - 1986) - Lowest Online Prices @ Amazon & Play - Blu-ray £6.49 & DVD £2.69

Cobra - Uncut Edition (Sylvester Stallone - 1986) - Lowest Online Prices @ Amazon & Play - Blu-ray £6.49 & DVD £2.69

Found 27th Mar 2012
Man... this brings back so many good memories. Watched so many enjoyable movies growing up. Stallone was the epitome of cool in this, at the time. Don't make them like they used to!

Mind you, the film may well prove to be the epitome of cheesy nowadays!

I think this was where many people (including myself) picked up the idea to spatter ketchup all over your chips rather than dip them!!

Rambo First Blood, the Rockys, Lock up, Over the Top, Robocop, Terminator, Tango & Cash, Big Trouble in Little China.... so many brilliant movies!

Used to love the old film artwork and posters too, fantastic!

Cannot find this movie cheaper, anywhere online, not even on eBay.

== Like Sylvester Stallone's Rocky and Rambo, the hero of Cobra is another original: Lt. Marion Cobretti, a one-man assault force whose laser-mount submachine gun and pearl-handled Colt 45 spit pure crime-stopping venom.

Rambo: First Blood Part II director George P Cosmatos rejoins Stallone for this thriller pitting Cobretti against a merciless serial killer. The trail leads to not one murderer but to a "New Order" - and killing the inadvertent witness (Brigette Nielsen) to their latest blood spree. Fortunately, Cobra is her protector. And full-throttle screen excitement doesn't get any better. ==

Not seen Drive yet, reckon this was any inspiration for it?:

"Stallone, fighting, guns, 80's synth beats: COBRA. He's just a tough-talking, no-mercy LA cop who all the other cops call in when things get too hot to handle. Which is apparently ALL THE TIME. When a wacky fascist ax cult terrorizes the city with a string of seemingly unconnected murders, it's up to Cobra to stop them. The only person to ever escape their attacks is a statuesque model (Brigitte Nielsen), now pursued by a series of violent masked dudes. She teams up with Cobra and there's a lot of chase-fighting.

So Cobra is pretty badass, unsurprisingly. There are all kinds of crazy action scenes, from high-flying motorcycle chases and grocery store hostage-taking to destructive fires and a climactic smelting factory showdown. The story is simple, offering an easy-to-follow examination of one tough dude's fight for justice, even when it goes against the law.

Stallone is so hard-boiled he's almost a caricature of the ass-kicking silent type, but that ends up working for him."
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Didn't realise they made a videogame out of this, it looks terrible! :D:
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stallone wore high heels in this film.
In some scenes he staggers around like tina turner
Have to agree. That poster is a real icon of the 80s. Loved the movie but not seen it since. And played the game on the ZX Spectrum.
Slight fanboy overkill here.
its the way of the NEW WORLD !

Slight fanboy overkill here.

Just a tad X) Can't beat a healthy dose of nostalgia
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