Unfortunately, this deal has expired 16 March 2023.
Posted 13 March 2023

Cobra Walkie Talkie Radios HM234 PMR446 - Quad pack £22.98 @ Ebuyer

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Keeping the family connected

The Cobra HM234 PMR446 Festival - QUAD PACK is a great valued 4 pack of two-way radios. Crammed full of features, and with a 3km range, it´s an ideal way for you and your family to stay connected outdoor.
Keep in touch

Whether you are mountain biking, hiking or camping the HMR234 compact lightweight design, and 3KM extended range means you can easily communicate with your family on your outdoor pursuits.
A battery that lasts

A unique circuit extends the life of the batteries. If there is no transmission within 10 seconds then the unit will automatically switch to battery saving mode. You will be able to communicate all day long. Also included is 12-hour battery life and battery level indicator.
Stay alerted

The HM234 provides recognisable tones for incoming calls. The Roger beep provides a confirmation tone indicating to others it's clear to talk.
Communicate with any PMR446 radio

An impressive feature of the following two-way radios is, they can connect to any other PMR446 radio. This means you can easily connect to friends or family with a different brand of unlicenced Two-Way Walkie Talkie.


8 channels with up to 3km range.
12 hours of battery life.
Volume control.
Auto channel scan.
Vibration alert.
Battery level indicator.
Backlit display.
*Please note batteries aren´t included in the box Cobra HM234 PMR446 Festival - Quad pack
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  1. kaylusha99's avatar
    If you want best bang for the buck try Retevis
    gavin1's avatar
    All PMR446 sets have the same output, as PMR446 is limited to 0.5W so all sets are pretty much the same performance wise.

    There are more powerful sets (usually the Baofeng UV-R5 or the 888 or clones get mentioned) but they output more power than a PMR set so are illegal to use to transmit on the PMR446 bands.

    Yes you are unlikely to be caught, not this does not make it right.

    If you want to get the more powerful versions get a UK Simple licence, (its just one form to fill out, no tests and you pay £75 for 5 years) and get them set to the permitted Business Simple frequencies. Most of the cheap chinese clones come with default frequences that may be used by emergency services in some places. You will not overhear the emergency services, they use encrypted digital radios but you could cause interferance to them. (edited)
  2. skip112's avatar
    What batteries does this take?
    Oliver_Webb's avatar
  3. dam14n1's avatar
    Don’t have batteries, nor CTCSS dialing either, but for analogue use on PMR or UHF CB, Cobra have a good reputation. Frequency is 446 MHz and you can use then through out Europe, I mention it as they are great for family holidays especially if you have hired two cars. (edited)
  4. mark_man_utd's avatar
    No idea why I just bought these.
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Welcome to the HUKD club
  5. mitchram123's avatar
    Bought! I've wanted these since I get no signal inside shopping malls / Supermarkets etc and need a reliable way to call the wife
    Mentos's avatar
    Mitchram123: “what the bleeding hell is taking so long”

    Mitchram123: “Stop ignoring me”

    Mitchram123: “I’m going home you can catch the Bus”

    Mitchram123: “FFS she’s left her walkie talkie in the car”
  6. Super.Noob's avatar
    Great find OP and heat for the price.

    I don't have this model but other similar walkie-talkies, which were brilliant during our trip to Center Parcs or other woody resorts since your mobile signal can be restricted.
    yeababyyea's avatar
    1.864 miles

    That's pretty far 👌
  7. tazy1's avatar
    Looking for some for my kids to play in the house, would anyone recommend these?
    Super.Noob's avatar
    For the price, hell yea. My kids put out the tent in the back garden to spend a night. We use similar walkie to communicate with each other.
    What I do notice is that when they are close to each other. They cause some sound interference.
  8. FallGuy0510's avatar
    Just purchased thanks
  9. Oliver_Webb's avatar
    Thanks OP, handy for canal-boating trips.

    I was going to buy a pair of cheap ones from Amazon but another two is always handy.
  10. Meathotukdeals's avatar
    When it's expired, is it...over?
  11. dvavajiva's avatar
    Tempted to buy, but I don't have much knowledge and believe there might be much better for a little bit more (as usual with many things)
    dam14n1's avatar
    About £50 normally for the Quad.
  12. gavin1's avatar
    PMR446 is limited to half a watt output. Buildings and trees will reduce the range you get in use. Being realistic means you will get a few hundred meters of range in the typical town environment, the claimed 3KM range is likely to only be possible if you and the receiver are on separate hills with nothing but sky between you.

    The radio is also sold under the name Cobra HM230 (the 4 on the end is I assume as its a multi coloor 4 pack) so it does have privacy codes / CTCSS but that feature is only to prevent you overhearing others on the same channel, CTCSS DOES NOT prevent anyone listening to your conversation. (edited)
  13. jemilyboo's avatar
    Ordered yesterday at 10pm. just delivered. Will be trialled at Glastonbury festival (edited)
  14. Stormbringer2012's avatar
    Thank you just ordered a set.
  15. Nigel_Tufnel's avatar
    These might be good for festivals, Glastonbury last year there was literally no phone signal for 5 days.
  16. This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Really good! Heat
  17. jamel's avatar
    Bought some, thought they might come in handy on a hiking holiday this year where signal is bad.
  18. Faz1's avatar
    TopCashback Plus 2.62%
  19. darren1963's avatar
    Not available 😔
  20. brownt7's avatar
    Was after some of these for a festival, but now OOS!
  21. FallGuy0510's avatar
    Arrived yesterday, kids love them
  22. NinjaTurtle's avatar
    Does anyone have battery issues with these? They work as expected, but just turned them off for a week, and when I tried turning them on the batteries on all 4 were dead. I'd expect them to not drain the battery when turned off.
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