Coca Cola 1.75l - 3 for £3.00 @ Asda

Coca Cola 1.75l - 3 for £3.00 @ Asda

Found 11th Dec 2014
Three for £3.00 all varieties

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Bogof in Tesco at £1.85 hence voting cold

More crappy 1.75l Coke bottles. Profiteering scum. COLD on Coke and these 'deals'. Have moved to Pepsi. Only use this stuff for mixers anyway.

Asda had 3 for £3 on 2.5 litre bottles a week or two ago. 1.75 bottles are a con.

I can't believe there hasn't been more of a stink made about them reducing the bottle size

Won't buy out of principle, same price/offer x however million bottles they make per week at a smaller size is huge profiteering

Deal for someone I'm sure (maybe coca cola)
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